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Winter's Bite

  • Winter's Bite

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  • Neverbright Peaks

    Tall towers of ice on the border of spring, these crystal caverns are so high that one could almost see Skyfall from the central spire. This is known to host one the only topside nest of Thystles, the cold darkness comforting to them. Though the springside of this same mountain is practically their back door, they never seem to venture that way.
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    Memories frozen,...
    Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:33 am
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  • Evernight Tower

    Along the rocky edge of the bite is a tall building, draped in shadows. This is a beacon of frozen darkness, radiating terror and drawing nightmares. It overlooks the snowy land of winter, standing defiantly behind the bones of fallen opponents. The topmost floor houses a powerful creature, beloved by the people and ever strengthened by their adoration. The first floor is a popular gathering for the broken, ran by the second-in-command known to be the voice of their dark monarch. Shadow lays on the ground, thick like fog and it whispers softly to those who draw close. It knows the darkest and coldest of any soul and it feeds from this.
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  • The Still

    The snowy banks are eerily quiet in this midnight winter still. Out of place, yet strangely not, is an ornate park bench, lit by the glow of an ancient streetlight. Sound does not seem to carry here, there is no breeze. Everything is slower in the Still.
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