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Etiquette for our Tea Party Empty Etiquette for our Tea Party

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:45 pm

In this section you will be made aware of the regulations and terms you agree to when participating in the world of So They Dream. If you do not wish to be bound by these rules and the services that they entail, then unfortunately your time with us will be short. Whilst here this policy is expected to be upheld by all members so as to offer a welcoming atmosphere to all in our society and open the possibilities in regards to the acquisition and retaining of members. Once again, please be aware that violation of these terms will result in punishment that is unlimited and could result in action as serious as a permanent ban.

✦ This world was created for the enjoyment of not only the administration team but also the people that join us here in this safe-haven. You are not entitled to the features here as they are not your right, but they are offered to you as a privilege which can be withdrawn at any time should a suitable reason be in mind.

✦ Respect is non-negotiable. We expect all members to be respectful to one another at all times and especially the Administrative team and their decisions.

✦ Any kind of harassment or discriminatory behaviour will be dealt with both immediately and without any reservations. Behaviour of such a calibre will not be accepted nor condoned.

✦ Any privileges given to a member, such as moderation rights in the chatbox or access to the forums Administrative Board are solely for the use of that member. Sharing of account information is forbidden for this reason.

✦ Use of the correct channels in regard to suggestions, complaints and comments alike are to be utilised. Spamming an Administrators Private Messages is not the correct route. Be sure you are contacting the appropriate party with an equally appropriate message.

✦ Advertisement of other parties is not permitted.

✦ Using material belonging to So They Dream outside of the forum is only permitted if the member in question has made an Administrator aware, spoken to the original author, gained their permission to use said material and given credit for the materials use.

✦ Any race/item/class or ability that is has a [RESTRICTED] label attached to it, requires Administrative approval before use.

✦ Edits are not to be made to any material on the forum itself unless an Administrator has approved and reviewed the item before it is published.


✦ The So They Dream chatbox is a place for our society to socialise and enjoy themselves. Any misbehaviour will be dealt with strictly and efficiently.

✦ Members are asked not to invite those outside of the world of So They Dream unless the person has an interest in joining the forum itself.

✦ Visitors must be approved by a member of the Administrative team before they enter the chatbox unless one in not available at which point they become the sole responsibility of the member inviting them.

✦ Anyone using an IC state in the chatbox is to be respected and the members should be considerate of the differences between the person on the account and the character they are portraying. In retrospect, any person using an IC state to act in a derogatory fashion towards another member will be dealt with accordingly.

General Behaviour

✦ IC and OOC matters are not joint and should be dealt with separately by all members.

✦ Be mindful of the content you post as the general forum can be viewed by all. If you are posting material of an adult nature then please ask for the topic to be either relocated in a section of the forum that has a restricted view or classified as such to warn those who do not wish to view such things.

✦ The original author of a Story-Line is the Thread Master. Terms of the article and its results are to be discussed with them before carried out, remember that their narrative authority is final.

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