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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:56 pm

At this point in the game, I imagine some of you are wondering what on earth this strange place is? Ponder the limits of reason no more my dear ones for I am here to explain all that you shall need to know in order to begin your journey.

First and foremost, good day to you, I am one of the creators of So They Dream; now, please do not mistake me for a tyrant or your typical Administrator, for I am neither, I am in-fact a writer much like yourself who longed for somewhere special to call my own, a place where my friends and I could rule the swaying of the sword, change the tides of the ocean and even raise the heavens into chorus at our command. This was achieved to an extent and I unfortunately must admit that it was a far longer process than any of us had previously anticipated. Such is the way of the world when reality claims you for more than the moment you offer.

Now, it should be known that this website and all its contents run on three things.


Without these, we are mere mammals, fighting amongst ourselves for fabricated power and the ideal that we may rule an imaginary social-structure. That is not something we welcome here and power is granted only to those who have proven themselves worthy enough to wield it.

On that note it should be explained that all factions here are in need of rulers and direction; that being said I do not mean it in the typical sense that the section itself requires someone to create rules and reign over the mortal subjects, but that this is an operation that yearns for progression. We would like a Leader for each individual faction on the forum to organise and watch over their members, instil changes that they believe would benefit their area and the inhabitants within and finally to push forth and enrich their chosen faction with lore, love and a personal longing for creation.

Please, contact me directly should you wish to put your name forth for such a task.

So, onto the Factions! As you can see, we have five main factions in total and they are...


All of these offer very different play styles; on one side of the playing field you have nations such as Spring and Summer; home to the most loyal of creatures and creations both of these factions are for suitable for those who value pride, strength, integrity and valor. Then at the other end of the table you face the slightly darker factions, Autumn and Winter; both of these factions are more akin to the smaller side of society, valuing secrecy, loyalty, bargaining and knowledge. Our final seat belongs to those that inhabit the secret area, No-Mans Land, an archaic symbol at the centre of the world that offers untold power, understanding and vision to those who occupy it. More will be covered on each of the factions as you envelope yourself in their individual lore which can be found here on the site.

Naturally players are not limited to a single faction, you are welcome to create multiple characters and interchange at your leisure; our only advice is that you do not allow a character to become stagnant as you may be asked to either update, remove or relocate it. We am always open to suggestions for new groups, clans and other such entities as they all have a place here somewhere amongst the corridors of creation. We have decided that, for now, we are limited to the races described in our races guide, however dependant on how different racial ideas are served up, we could have a new set of creatures joining us any day now.

I'm sure you're all capable of deciding which is best for you and your characters.

Now for a bit of housekeeping...

All topics that reach an inactive state for more than sixty days will be moved to "Mémoire", that being a section for dead/inactive topics. We will never delete anything that you or your fellow adventurers create as it is not ours to do such with. All material is kept on site and can be accessed through searching at any time should you wish to revisit it.
If you have a concern with a topic that has become inactive but would prefer it wasn't moved for good reason, please inform and Administrator or a Moderator so that such can be arranged.

To cover base on which positions are currently on offer, it should be noted that we am always open to accepting new Forum Moderators; those who control the entire forum and make changes to it as they see fit.
When Faction Masters and their helpers are available, they will be open to application.
Chatbox Moderater positions are open and can be applied for by all in the relevant thread, which will be posted under the OOC Section of the forum under a "Staff Application" topic. Please note we expect absolute fairness from all moderators.
The “Book of Life” inquisitors are responsible for arranging character applications and approving them. This position is generally always open.
Finally, the Journalist; the member of our community that makes a weekly Gazette type post to keep everyone in our world up to date on what's going on. They will welcome new members, detail any upcoming or ongoing world events and also cover any announcements or interviews they have conducted.

Our ideals when creating this website were many, we dreamed of endless tombs of knowledge built by a member-base I could near enough call my family; scripts of imagination and rivalry carved into the never-quite-forgotten corners of the internet. To encourage new talent and skills from all we decided that there would be no formal application process to enter our society but instead thought it better to leave the decision of who to play with up to the members as this would allow those seeking out a familiar writing style to do so freely.
Finally we hope for weekly video updates from Administrators/Moderators; this is still an ongoing dream and we hope to see it come to fruition very soon, if anyone feels they could help us in this area, it would be welcomed wholeheartedly.

Finally my dears, I welcome you with open arms to join me in my journey of creation. Deliver yourself unto the talents within; such a light shall shine bright and in turn subconsciously encourage others to follow the same path.

Welcome my friends, to the dream.

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