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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:09 pm

When creating a character on So They Dream, please visit the "Character Design" section of the forum located in the “Book of Life” and feel free to use one of the provided templates (or bring your own) to create your character. These templated are used purely because they give everyone an equal footing in regards to detail and an insight as to exactly who and what it is they are playing with; if you wish to add more detail to the template then by all means, feel free to let your flow take hold. If you cannot finish your character at the time but wish to return at a later date and finish your design, simply put your characters full name with the forename first and the surname last, e.g. John Doe followed by "WIP" or "Work In Progress" in the title of your topic before you save. This means our Inquisitor Squad (the people who approve the profiles) won't waste time by checking yours as it isn't actually complete yet. This of course means you can also return to the topic, edit it to make your desired changes and then either save it again or post it as complete by removing the "WIP" part from your topic title.

Topics that are left with "WIP" in the title and not touched for a period of fourteen days from their original creation date will be moved to the “Fading Lights” section, the area on the forum for dead/inactive character creation topics. If you are going to be away for a pro-longed period of time but will be finishing your character on your return, let either a Moderator or Administrator know prior to you leaving and we can make sure your topic is still there when you get back.

In terms of pictures in profiles, we personally enjoy when people add a picture of their character for reference; that said, a picture is not a requirement here and you are not obliged to have one attached to your character. However if you wish to post a picture in your Character Design you are welcome to do so. Pictures of weapons, armour, clothing, etc. are all welcomed too.

Coding in profiles is allowed but please keep the topic readable and don't use silly font colours that cannot be read by the Inquisition, any profiles that don't follow this simple rule will be asked to change their font colour to something more reasonable and left that way until the owner of the topic complies. Remember the Inquisitors volunteer for these jobs and you really shouldn't give them a hard time.

We do not take kindly to power-packing characters; any character that carries around a nuke with them, can talk every language in the world, knows sixteen thousand different types of martial arts and is a master in all of them, or any other ridiculous attribute will be denied immediately. We accept and encourage creativity but we also appreciate fairness, so don't be the one that lets yourself down by thinking you're going to be playing a mermaid-pixie-vampire-neko-human-werewolf hybrid who knows black belt Origami and can telepathically control people's farts. It isn’t going to happen.

Now, off you go pretties and make something beautiful.

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