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Nyx            Empty Nyx

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Nyxadora  Bitters

Nyx            The_va10

Age: full grown
Race: Solitary Thystle
Faction Type: Harvest native
Gender: femme
Birthday: autumn equinox
Birth Place: the hollow grounds
Orientation: polyamourous pansexual

Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Height: approx. 10 inches
Weight: 15 ounces (in full armour)
Body Type: willowy and strong
Physical Condition: the bloom of health
Distinguishing Features: Were you to see the Nyx without her infamous helms, you would probably not even notice her. She's a pretty thing, as is common to her kind but also so small as Thystles are known to be. She knows how to blend in when she needs to.
Clothing Style: Nyx is a bit of a warrior, always appearing with an elaborate helm and ornate breastplate that reaches around to frame her strong, feathered wings with inlayed gems and intricate scrollwork her kind is known for in their courtly armoury. Her flowing skirts and gowns are of the finest spiderspun silk, glittering with tiny jewels hung like dewdrops. Her tiny figure commands an air of respect.
Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
-Item: A plethora of Thystle made helms and breastplates; a particularly ornate matching set - sword, spear and shield.
-Property: She has a cozy little haven somewhere safe under the Mother Tree.

Alignment:   Neutral Good
Personality:  Unlike her savage courtly cousins, Nyx is a solitary Thystle and is not vicious by nature. She does not feed her essence through bloodletting, instead she sustains herself with the bounty of dark berries growing rampant through the hollows. Watchful and quiet, she is polite if not exactly friendly. Her kind has a bit of reputation so she is understandably guarded until she gets to know you.
Likes/Dislikes:  bonfires, wildberry ale, riddles / eclipse season, stupidity, loud noises
Fears/Phobias:  sunlight, deep water, her courtly cousins
Dirty Secrets:  She knows the location of something that - when combined with the proper knowledge and equipment in the improper hands - could potentially be the undoing of our entire existence. But then again, it maybe wouldn't. She isn't willing to find out.

Nyx            Black_10

Attitudes Toward:  
- Self:  She is perfectly at peace with her nature.
- Others:  Wary of new people, but loyal as a friend.
- Family:  Typical crazy relatives that she tries to avoid.
- Love:  There is none of that in this world for her.
- Religion:  She believes in the dream, and the sleeping goddess.
- Politics:  Distasteful, corrupt system.
- The World:  So lovely, as long as the balance is kept in check.

Philosophy of Life:

    "You reap what you sow."

Admirable Traits/Strength: Clever and brave, she is a skilled fighter. She has heightened senses and a mild glamour ability. She is educated fully via private tutors for all common subjects throughout her sheltered formative years. She has no magickal skills but is very knowledgable in herbs and medicines, locally famous as a kind of witch doctor with the skill to cure whatever your ails may be.
Negative Traits/Weakness:  Unlike her Courtly relatives in the Nest, she never developed any magicks beyond a very basic camoflauge glamour only effective on visitors to this world (non-natives). She is hypersensitive to light and brash sounds - to the potential of making her eyes and ears bleed should the exposure be extreme, though her ornate headwear also provides her a good degree of protection from such discomforts as well as providing a pretty piece of defensive armour.

Background/ History:

    "My name is Nyx. A very long time ago, my mother was banished from the court of her people and I was born to the hollows of Harvest instead of the winter nest. I've never known my kind but I know enough of them to remain ever wary. They are savage monsters, squirming beneath the feet of all life only to rise and leave a path of brutal carnage in their wake. I want nothing to do with that life or their blood thirsty ways though simply being what I am carries its own obvious stigma."

Raised away from the court and all the happier to be so, Nyx is truly a solitary creature. Her mother passed when she was young, leaving behind a treasure trove of noble Thystle finery, a comfortable ter beneath the mother tree and a profound secret she will probably keep to her grave. She was fortunate enough to have a proper education at an early age, her mother insisted she learn all the necessary skills that every other high-born Thystle would be schooled in regardless of their circumstances. She is flawless in etiquette and presentation and her melee skills are exceptional, however she never developed any serious magickal powers and her glamour abilities are very weak compared to her common courtly kin.

What she doesn't know is that her blood is heavy with royal lineage and her peaceful existence in in danger of being shattered. Certain Nobles of the Court , relatives of her beloved mother are aware of her whereabouts and seek to bring her into the fold before the next Tournament of Queens in an attempt to claim glory back for the House of Bitters. They believe her mother has passed on a legendary missing artifact that has the ability to throw the world out of sync and they wish to wield it for further gain to their House legacy. They would do anything in their power to get their hands on it, no matter the cost in money or blood.

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