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Athin, The Demon with Demons Empty Athin, The Demon with Demons

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Athin, The Demon with Demons R169_457x257_6105_Gwen_2d_illustration_girl_woman_portrait_vampire_fantasy_dog_picture_image_digital_art

Act I. Biographical Data

Given Name:  Athin, just Athin. Don't bother asking for her last name, the only thing you might get is a stab wound for your troubles.
Nicknames and Aliases:  None. One would have to have friends to get a nickname.
Gender:  Very much female.
Birthdate:  Differs depending on which life you ask about. I wouldn't bother asking though, it'll net you another stab wound.
Race:  Muli

II. Physical

- Height:  5'2"
- Weight:  0-98lbs, depending on her form.
- Hair Colour/Style:  Long blood red hair that wisps around her face, cascading over her eyes more often then not.
- Eye Colour:  Dead grey.
- Skin Colour:  Paler than pale, darker than night or see-through, depending on form.

Body Type & Physical Condition:  
Physical Abilities & Limitations:
 * Ability: Shadow Shifter
 * Limitations: She's barely 5' and not even 100lbs soaking wet, waaay to many to list.
Physical Illnesses & Afflictions:  Some call it Renfield's syndrome, others call it drinking to survive.
Physical Imperfections:  None. Even those that others would see as imperfections, she sees as parts that make her perfectly who she is. (See Distinguising Features)
Clothing style:
 * Feet:  Bare or black army boots
 * Legs:  Jeans
 * Torso:  Black tank top with overly large multi-pocketed, very unusual, hooded jacket over top.
 * Or nothing but shadows.
Distinguishing Features:
 * A diaganol scar over the top part of her left breast. Another life, another demon.
 * A silver sliver on the inside of her ring finger, as if she held on to shards for so long they fused into her flesh and made a partial ring.
 * A thin pale scar running down her right cheek. As if someone scratched a bloody tear trail into her flesh.
 * Claw mark scars down both her shoulders. If you ask about them, she'll just smile slyly and give a wink or stab you.
Voice:  Cold, yet soft. Musical, yet dead. Always dripping with sarcasm.
Faction Type:  None

III. Mental

Alignment:  Chaotic evil
Outer Goals:  To physically survive.
Inner Goals:  To emotionally survive.
Super Objective:  To super survive.
Personality:  As soon as she opens her mouth, everything is self-explaintory.
 * Likes: Coffee, cigarettes, knives, blood, other people's discomfort and walking through the woods on a cool autumn night listening to the leaves crunch softly under her boots.
 * Dislikes: Everything and everyone else.
Hopes/Desires:  One would have to care about something, anything, to have a hope or desire.
Fears/Phobias:  None
Sexual Orientation:  Unknown
Dirty Secrets:  Try to find them out and you will have more holes than swiss cheese.
Introvert or Extrovert:  Both
More Thinking or Feeling:  Both
Selfish or Selfless:  Selfish
Attitudes Toward:  
- Self:  Only thing that matters.
- Others:  Insignificant.
- Friendship:  Letting anyone get that close is dangerous and annoying.
- Love:  Is so last century.
- Religion:  Laughable.
- Country:  Doomed
- The World: Even more doomed.

Superstitions:  None.
Admirable Traits:  Self-confidence
Negative Traits:  Most of them.
Prejudices:  Happiness
Most Painful Things in Their Life:  Knives
Mental Disturbances:  All of them.
Philosophy of Life:  You can't always control who walks into your life, but you can control which window you throw them out of.

IV. Skills & Talents

Talents:  Juggling knives.

Skills:  Shadow shifting, wit, slight of hand and the occassional lockpicking.

V. Social

Political Alignment:  Political nihilism
Religion:  Agnostic
Job/Class:  Not worth her time.
Family:  Forgotten memories.
Relationships:  We shall see.

Noted accomplishments:
- Famous/infamous:  If you've never heard of Athin before, count your blessing. If you have, no need to explain anything here, right?

Hobbies:  Discord
Pets:  Every other living creature, and once a rock.

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
- Weapon:  Her mind. Fangs. Razor sharp claws. The Shadows. A very old, very deadly switchblade. Been known to play with all sorts of blades and the occassional handgun.
- Armor:  None. The Shadows.
- Item:  Who knows what can be found in the pockets of her jacket, it seems almost magical.

- Business:  None of yours..
- Property:  Some house, somewhere, on some street. (See 'The Marakira' in No Man's Land')

- Languages Spoken: English, Sarcasm and at times Drunken Trout.

VI. Background/History  

Gyspy life, demon death. More demons, more death. Soul rebirth. Destruction, hatred and Unicorn vomit. It's all in the past, who cares.

VII. Past Storylines:

If anything is really relevant, it will come up in the SLs. For now the past is a memory, a ghost, a handful of scars and a heartaches away.

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Love it!

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