Oh, what a lovely tea party...

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Oh, what a lovely tea party... Empty Oh, what a lovely tea party...

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:07 pm

Oversized blooms hung their colorful petals in a fragrant canopy overhead, the path lit with softly glowing stones to a cozy little clearing in the midst of the enchanting twilight garden. In the center of this clearing was a long table, such as one for a great, formal dinner though the setting was anything but formal. Each seat at the table was decked out for high tea but the mugs were chipped and mismatched, teapots cracked and broken. Platters were set as if abundant with tasty treats but on closer inspection, these trays were laden with pebbles, bits of tree bark and pretty flowers for garnish. At the far end of this odd display sat a figure half hidden in the shadows, mumbling softly as it fussed with the place settings on that side of the table. "Everything must be perfect, everyone will be here for the party any moment now!"

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