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DevAngelines RESTRICTED (wip) Empty DevAngelines RESTRICTED (wip)

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Name of Race: DevAngeline

They cut a fine figure, the common traits to their appearance being sturdy in frame and taller than most humanoid creatures with an expressive wingspan to match. Peculiar to their race are the two different sides to their appearance (which is directly linked to the intention of their soul). As a race, they are tall, strong and fine of feature. Kinders of them are quiet and quick, hair and eyes prone to shades of black, white and red - though it isn't unheard of for variations to appear. That is where most similarity ends. Once they reach the quickening age, DevAngelines are unable to hide their true nature. When these beings are pure and 'good', they softly radiate with an inner light. Their wings grow thick with lush feathers, their skin takes on an opalescent sheen and their very presence inspires a quiet comfort. On the other hand, if they have been graced with a darker soul, something more inclined to the twisted and macabre - their attributes become a little nastier in nature. Thickly scaled or leathery wings, horns, tails. The more 'evil' they become, the more it shows and they bring a chill of terror to the air with it.

Most of the race believes in the sleeping goddess, the bright are some of her biggest fans while the twisted of them have formed a cult of sorts that also believe there will be a dark lord to rise up and take over the dream. They don't really have any strong social bonds or gender roles as they are all a lone-wolf kind. In days long ago, their kind was more plentiful but they have become endangered in these times. Even the bright of them are cold creatures, with such an attitude to go with it. They appreciate their solitude and don't warm up very quickly to newcomers and outsiders.

Strengths and Weaknessesssss:
All of them share the ability to fly and a penchant for super strength. The bright and twisted amongst them are natural enemies and also each others weakness in essence. Literally. The glow of the bright is as detrimental to the twisted shadows and vise versa. The race also has a natural affinity for ceremonial and alchemical magicks.

World Relations:
As such a rare and lonely creature, they have neither enemies nor allies by any particular group though naturally the twisted of them have a dark notoriety in the world. They can breed few and far between, and childer of this race don't always make it past their quickening - hence the rarity of finding one this day and age.

DevAngeline beings tend to dark and lonely areas, not just because their population is so sparse but also because they are prone to hermit themselves away (often lost to an obsessive interest in studies or arts.) Something in their wiring tends to drive them with this voracious appetite of the mind, they are almost compulsively inquisitive. The few of these creatures known are quite happily housed in Winter's Bite.


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