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Just a thought about magick Empty Just a thought about magick

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:22 am

There are two sides to nature and since magicks stem from the natural elements, there are two sides to every power. Creation and destruction, life and death, the wyld and the wyrm... These different aspects of magick stem from the different personalities of different creatures. Various talents will come easy to some... say a warrior will find it easy to make his magick attack in time of danger, or a caregiver would have an uncanny ability to make a spell for healing when faced with an injured loved one. The creatures that strive for good will find ways to make good things happen with what they have... and creatures that are nothing but wicked will do nothing but wicked, if that is their nature. Magick come from within.

Remember to keep in mind that everyone has their own way to go about doing their own thing, and the various spells and magicks listed  are only a documented example of what can and has been done by some, recorded for newcomers and beginners to take a look at for ideas and guidelines... and by NO MEANS is a rule or concrete standard.

•healing- Regeneration, a cellular growth or reversal of cellular damage due to injury or illness, usually performed by mean of elemental stimulation.

•defensive/protective- a focus of magick in the form of a shield around a particular target or a block from an attack.

•elemental attack- focus of the energy becomes sharp and the nature becomes a weapon, using the power to strike out against the target with the intent to cause damage or harm.

•elemental calling- the natural affinity for an element makes a connection and causes a spike in elemental activity, for example a heavy wind or sudden burst of flame.

Keep in mind these three very important categories when adding your attributes.

Mind. You don't have to hang around a free form realm very long to realize that a lot of mental combat occurs. It's entwined in the way the chat is created, and when using whispers, is very effective. Mind skills can range from telepathy, mind blasts, empathy, or even defensive traits such as mind walls, and seeing through illusions.

Body. Body traits can be anything from high strength, to fast feet. With a high body score, you can physically smash apart an opponents head with your bare hands, and she can dodge under the blow by diving under your big feet. Sword play, obviously is part of this trait as well.

Magick. Almost everyone has some sort of training in magick. You have to have some to survive. I'm not going to bother making a list of examples, because the possibilities are as varied as the characters that play here. But, I'm sure you understand that its how your character taps into that magickal force and creates whatever it is that he or she wants.

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