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Post by nyxiest on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:25 pm

Name: Echo Ophelia Neriadalaid

Alias/Nicknames if any: Eon. Ophelia.

Age: 79

Race: Cecaelia (Merkith)

Rank/Class: Witch

Appearance: She is like a merfolk, but unlike her more popular cousins her tail is not of the fish. From her curvy hips downward, she is likened to an octopus. Voluptuous and soft, her hair is long and wild; often dressed with seashells, pearls or other aquatic treasures. Her hair and scale are light turquoise green in colour, her eyes pale and bright, her face sweet to look apon.

Tranformation: Under specific conditions, she can shed her tail for the legs of a human to walk on the dry land. This is special circumstance, though, and she must take extra precautions not to spill even a drop of water on her legs, or they revert back to tentacles.

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: She wears always gifts from the precious sea in which she lives, all that she crafts and carries are brought to her with the tides. She is very creative, crafting a crude but beautiful mother-of-pearl armour and she has a vast collection of weaponry scavanged from fallen ships. She keeps a pouch within her reach of spells and charms and Cecaelian magicks premade for on the spot use; and a 'borrowed' book of powerful spells from her previous mistress.

Skills/ Abilities:

-Song of the Siren- When she sings, it takes an incredible endurance to resist her sweet melody. Ships wrecked, lives lost, all to be closer to that magickal voice.

-Walk of Mann- With the right words at the right time, the right ingredients combined, she can shed her tentacles for legs and walk the earth like the mortals. She does not do this often and it does not last more than a day or two.

-Posiedon's Blessing- All it takes is a focused thought, and she can control the water as if it were an extension of herself. She has practiced this ability all her life and is quite talented with what she can do with a wave.

Background/ History:

Hatched in the darkest deep of the seas, Ophelia was a creature raised under heavy pressure. Most people were not, are still not, aware of the extensive existence of the noble life in the far deep below the surface for they rarely bother with the dealings of the landwalkers. Ophelia, on the other hand, had always been the most curious of her nestmates, her royal blood nowhere near as precious to her as it was to some of the other, older hatchlings. Always it was she who sought the new and adventurous. Her childhood was so brief, it passed in only a blink of an eye... Before she knew it, she took service as apprentice to the royal witches and there she served for half a century, like any good cecaelian girl is sent to serve. But her indentured learning came to an abrupt end as the Queen Sea Witch found sudden passing of life. Before her family could bind her into a new contract, she slipped away from the nest and sought to satiate her hungry curiosity of what world there was outside of the deep. With her hard learned magicks, she thinks to reach those on the surface and make her place in the world as a powerful Witch.

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