The Dark Hunter, Ukellen

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The Dark Hunter, Ukellen Empty The Dark Hunter, Ukellen

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:59 am

Given Name: Jack Ukellen

Rank/Class: Marksman

- gender: Male
- height: 6'2"
- weight: 185LBs
- hair colour/style: Silver hair left to grow long under a brimmed hat
- eye colour: Blue
- clothing style: wide brimmed hat, trench coat and boots
Distinguishing Features: A tattoo on his left forearm of a wolf tearing into his prey
Race/ethnicity: Dark elf/Human
Body Type: Athletic
Physical Condition: fit and trimmed
Physical abilities/limitations: nimble on his feet/Ammunition limitations(obviously right?)
Physical Illnesses or Afflictions: large set of scars across his back
Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change: not super strong due to the human in him
Age: 35
Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: 30.06 rifle fitted with a detachable scope, 50 cal semi auto-matic handgun, assorted ammunitions, battle knife.

Basic Alignment: Chaos
Elemental Alignment: Darkness
Outer Goals: none at this time
Inner Goals: none at this time
Super objective: to find the prey that got away
Hopes/desires: to be the best hunter ever
Fears/phobias: curses
Superstitions: bad luck to sit with your back to a door


Skills/ Abilities: sharpshooter, tracker

Spells: healing spell (can only be used on himself)

Background/ History: The dark of night set fast on the forest. The orange fall moon hung low in the sky. A dark figure slid silently through the trees gun in hand bullet in chamber. He looked through the darkness searching for his prey. All his life he has waited for this time. Wolves followed his moves and he followed theirs. His prey was wise of him. He was surrounded when he put his sights on his first kill. He raised his gun and pulled the trigger, like a crack of thunder one wolf went down and the others converged on his point. He quickly chambered round after round as the came at him. All but one the alpha stayed back and circled...slowly he watched the man as he gunned down his pack. Rage built inside the alpha until finally a breaking point. He was at the hunters back and he moved in. The wolf jumped at the man his claws open ready to shred flesh. The man screamed into the night as a final gunshot is heard with the fatal howl from the alpha.

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