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”And you as well must die, belovèd dust,
And all your beauty stand you in no stead;
This flawless, vital hand, this perfect head,
This body of flame and steel, before the gust
Of Death, or under his autumnal frost,
Shall be as any leaf, be no less dead
Than the first leaf that fell,this wonder fled,
Altered, estranged, disintegrated, lost.

Nor shall my love avail you in your hour.
In spite of all my love, you will arise
Upon that day and wander down the air
Obscurely as the unattended flower,
It mattering not how beautiful you were,
Or how belovèd above all else that dies.”

Crossing The Bar - by Alfred Lord Tennyson

✠ Ara-thorn Terris ✠
✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

✹Name: Ara-Thorn Terris

✹Age: Twenty-Five

✹ Birth Date: October 29th

✹Alias: Abolitis

✹Gender: Male

✹Height: Five-foot nine.

✹Weight: One  hundred and sixty pounds.

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: Black

✹Eye Color: His right eye, yellow, while the left, which he is blind in due to a previous injury, is a milky white with a slight yellowish tint.

✹Skin Tone: A very pale white.

✹Physical Build: Ara-thorn’s body is lean, his chest and stomach are rather flat,  his arms, and legs are quite skinny.

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations: He is missing the tip of his right ear, and half of his pinky finger on the right hand. Also he is blinded in, his left eye, which limits his sight, and depth perception.

✹Weaknesses: Limited vision, and poor depth perception after sustaining a near fatal injury to his skull..

✹ Strengths: Exceptionally skilled in the dark art of necromancy, and has the agility of a cat, if the cat had one working eye..

✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

✹Race: Duskian

✹Class: Necromancer

✹Personality:  He acts as like a cold hearted bastard, but he honestly cares about every person, living, or dead. Most situations don’t allow him to do so unfortunately.

It was almost like a daze, as he awoke from his slumber. His head, still aching, much of his memory of the actions that had happened the night before seemed to have disappeared, well besides the hammer practically crushing his skull.That was embedded in his brain for good. His fingers ran down the back of his head, where it had hit, and odd enough, the crack, that once had separated it into two parts, wasn’t there anymore, but a raised line, as if it has magically healed overnight.
Ara-thorn stood up, and realized that he was not in the bed that he was the night previous, but was in a small, dark lit room, and a metal gate, perhaps.. 20 feet ahead of him, no, 6 feet, hell he couldn’t tell, losing vision in his left eye made it hard to tell how close things were to him.
Moving forward towards the gate that seemed to be quite a distance away from him, He extended a single hand, so that he wouldn’t run face-first into it. It swung open with such a force it almost made him jump, but what was outside was more terrifying.
His eyes widened as he saw the many rotting creatures stand before him, they varied in size, one a little girl, with her jack half slack, a few adults, whom seemed to be missing a few appendages here  and there, and a dog with it’s ribs exposed, not just being seen through the skin, no, actually exposed. He witness the creature's heartbeat in his chest, and the lungs pump air through it’s body. They didn’t seem to want to fight, infact, they seemed rather amused at Ara-thorn, Then before he knew what was happening they crumbled to the ground. He was curious as to what had happened infact, he was more than curious, he was intrigued, where he was didn’t matter to him now, the only thing that mattered was replicating that event.
Upon searching through the remains of the crumbed undead creatures, Ara-thorn Stumbled upon a book, and  such book had no title to it, only a hard solid black leather book, with a green pentagram on its front. He sat on one of the gravestones and began to read outloud the odd words that lie within, when he read out loud, the words seemed to fly off of the page, but only after a few lines he could feel the ground shift in multiple different areas and a couple of the gravestones, including the one he was resting upon, tilted and sank under the earth. Hands protruded from the ground, and bodies began to crawl up from their resting place. excitement filled his eyes as the rotting forms stood around the young man. He had risen the dead, This, this was necromancy, a long forgotten, and even forbidden magic, that was sought out to be destroyed at every possible moment. A dark smile swept across his face, as he, and those creatures he had risen, faded into the dark mist, not to be heard from again.

✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

✹Weapons:  A staff adorned with skulls and raven feathers.

✹Armor: Cloth robes, steel boots and gauntlets, and a wooden mask.

✹Clothing: leather Pants and a basic cloth shirt

✹Items of Interest: Amulets, books, and potions.


✹Rebuke Undead: A necromancer can rebuke or command undead creatures by channeling negative energy through his body.

✹ Undead Companion:  A necromancer may begin play with a companion selected from the following list: human warrior skeleton, wolf skeleton, kobold zombie, human commoner zombie. This undead is a loyal, intelligent companion that accompanies the necromancer on his adventures until destroyed or released.

✹ Negative Energy Conduit:  A necromancer becomes a living conduit to the negative energy plane. This allows him to channel negative energy to heal undead allies (or himself, if somehow transformed to undead). You are healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy as if you were an undead creature.

✹ Necromantic Prowess: A necromancer gains unsurpassed power over death. When he controls undead, casts a necromancy spell, or uses a spell-like ability that mimics a necromancy spell, his grows stronger.

✹ Desecration Zone: A necromancer is continuously surrounded by an aura of negative energy.The area of negative energy extends to a radius of 10 feet, and grants a Strength and Health boost to allied undead.

✹ Undead Senses: A necromancer gains the senses of the dead, granting him sight, hearing and smell of the undead creatures he controls or creates. The Necromancer also gains darkvision 60 ft. and can see, hear and smell even if his respective sense organs are damaged or removed. He also gains the ability to know where anyone living or undead is around him. Even if the person is invisible or flying anyone who enters a 60 ft. radius of the necromancer immediately notifies him of their presence and he can immediately tell if they are living or undead as well as he can pinpoint their exact location. This allows him to target them as if they were actually being seen. However, if he sends one of his many undead soldiers to attack this person (and they are invisible) they will still suffer the same penalties that occur from attacking an invisible target. These penalties do not affect the necromancer.


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