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Icarus and the Wood 1 Empty Icarus and the Wood 1

Post by LightEmUp on Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:15 pm

The first thing he felt when he landed was the tough ground. Colours of every shade of warm colour adorned the ground, causing for a somewhat fiery landscape. A cool breeze passed through his jacket with ease, causing him to shiver. The Ray of Light that shone around him receded into the sky, above the dark overcast clouds. Joe looked around him. Deep inside a forest with trees ranging from red to orange, yellow to brown and even some dark red to purple ones here and there. Even with his above normal vision, all he saw was trees.
No sign of life nearby.

Joe took a step forward, his mahogany brown wingtip shoes crunching into the leaves. Crunch. A new realm. Way different from his Homeworld. Joe shook his head to himself wistfully. It wasn't his Homeworld anymore. He was Icarus now. Dressed in his all black three piece suit our hero began to walk deeper and deeper into the woods.
Being an 'Icarus' in his Homeworld was a huge disgrace. Huge. To have fallen from the Sun, they, the Solam, said it meant. If a Solam was found guilty of a hefty charge, they were named Icarus and sent through the Nimbus. The Nimbus was a cloud (obviously) but a special one. For one, thunder always rumbled inside of it. Loud, booming noises indicating its hunger to devour Icarii. What made the Nimbus more threatening than its booming noises was its unique ability to bend the rules of time and space. It would eat the fugitive of the Solam and send them through an interdimensional portal to a far away land. Joe remembered feeling no fear as he was forced towards the Nimbus. In fact, he fought for his dear life to not be cast into it but in the end, failed. He had fought because he knew himself he was innocent for whatever crime he was being accused of.
What was he being accused of?

Treason of High Regard? The fuck does that mean? Joe continued his way into forest, leaves crunching annoyingly at every single step. How did he even end up here?

First of, where was he?

Imagine, this giant red forest being the entire world? Joe chuckled. The wood looked sturdy enough. He could fashion a makeshift hut for himself. Use the leaves as bedding. He'd have to consider these things considering this was now his 'Homeworld'. Joe looked up at the sky, trying his best to sense where the Sun was. Being a Solam was something not even his own people could take from him! He found it...near the edge of the sky. He grimaced. It was going to get dark real soon. Leave it to the Nimbus to drop him in a new world at a crucial time. He hadn't charged up enough to last through the night. With the overcast hanging over the sky it'd take quite a bit of time just to create a decent amount of Sol. A dark thought suddenly popped up in his mind. Night.

They had forests on Solaris where animals of different shapes and sizes resided. Large, hunkering herbivores to the smallest of hunters. Any animal from his homeworld Joe knew he could take on with a tiny amount of Sol needed. But not on this planet. What if all the animals were predators? Or even prey? Which ones were edible? Joe was made of tougher meddle for a normal Icarus, they'd be freaking out. They'd be committing Novasis at this point in time.

But this is Joe we're talking about.

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