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Post by Admin on Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:10 am

Tucked away in a back corner of the Walk is a plain little doorway half hidden behind a little kiosk of herbs and charms. On the other side of that door is a little blue curio shoppe, a tall and narrow room with its walls lined with shelf atop of shelf full of books and bottles and knick knacks and treasures collected from every corner of the dreaming. The keep of this place is always awake, always at his desk scribbling furiously book after book of records. His bushy mustache hangs full and dapper underneath the upturned pot resting on his head like an oversized helmet low over his ears and eyes. Regulars are accustomed to his insane ramblings about different worlds and outbursts of his dreams of the future, they know the real deals are made with the tiny blonde Thystle set up in a dollhouse on the table by the door.

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