Chat boxes on Home Page. (What they are for)

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Chat boxes on Home Page. (What they are for) Empty Chat boxes on Home Page. (What they are for)

Post by Lurking_Dark_Entity on Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:21 am

Well many of you may or may not like the abilities of Live Action, some of us are very strong molded around it. For Some we prefer the ability of doing everything live and with the means of getting a lot done in a short period of time. Some People Sometimes can not stand waiting a week, a month or even 3 days for people to post, Thus the Birth of the Chat Boxes. A quick speed, welcomed area to RP for all, that is a faster pace, when you are your partner at Rping, are online at the same time and the same area. Once you decide to RP in a Box, pick the area you are currently in of course, whether is it Winter's bite, Verdant, The City of Dust, Anyone one of the chat boxes on the main display are for anyone to log into Chatango and use and go post for post. Also with this Feature, You may even copy and log everything in the chat box by highlighting everything with your mouse and hitting (Crtl+C) to Copy it. Got to the selected area in the Forum you were Rping in, and make a new post and (Crtl-V) and that will Paste your Copied RPing Log from The Chat box to the Forum Post Area. This Feature also allows fast advancements in your story lines. yes this is not for everyone but if you and the other person are both actively on at the same time, why not try it out. i hope you like and enjoy the new add on and Keep having fun.

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