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Post by Lurking_Dark_Entity on Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:01 am

This World is the Life of Dreams.
No Matter where you Hail, Past Storylines, Future Goals or even The Sudden disappearance of a Character.
We welcome you and all your Friends to Join us.

Example - Your Old Forum Crashed everyone left and no one plays anymore, their is a Character of yours There, in the once world you once knew. Maybe they drifted into nothingness or Maybe they Slept forever to never return. This is a Second Chance at that Character's Life. A Chance to say, " My Character is gone in that world, but their Story line will not Die"

We Welcome you, To Revive that Character, in any manner you seem fit to return them. Something happens and the Earth Erodes, and out of that grounded Tomb or Grave a once Seals Box opens and your Character wakes up in a Dream World once again. Maybe their body is in that other world but here This World Dreams and Even Nightmares can live on. because this world is our Character asleep in another world. So They Dream.

This just does not apply to Old Role players. New Players may join from whatever you wish. (Past, Present & Future)
If you Desire to make a new Character, a Breed of Alien from another world maybe even the Future and you can create a backstory, That is Prefect.

Sample : Your Alien could be a bounty hunter that some how awoken in the middle of a Forest from a tomb that suddenly was revealed due to Rain water shifting mud exposing an Entrance. This Bounty Hunter awakens with nothing as they step from the tomb covered in mud looking up to a thunderstorm filled sky confused as pieces of other worlds floated around higher in the sky of this area. Looking around and slowly back to the tomb that was revealed seeing a strange shine, Oddly weapons that were built into the edging of the tomb seemed to flicker.

( These Weapons can be anything from Future, Past or Present, It is a Dream World thus to put a limit on the Weapons found would be pointless, but Weapons should be within Reason, Like no BFG's from Doom that can kill someone in one blast, yes it is cool, but in regards of someone else having it would it be truly Fair? Thus we believe you can have custom weapons and so on but no, One kill weapons, nothing with a Blast Radius of 250 ft. or so, No one wants to be part of a Blown up Dream World, but that does not mean you can't have Bombs, Plasma Rifles, Rocket Launcher, just dont be surprised if a Admin ask you to re-edit Overpowered (OP) post. This is mostly for Fairness Among all community. )

Continuing Example - Stepping forth and grabbing the Tombs Edging, A Weapon they unhooked from it. A hand sized tube with a lot of weight behind it. " What could this be? " spoken as they tossed it to the side. With that toss it took to the air straight as a arrow Impacting the wall and with a loud Slam. It was revealed, it changed and altered into a Full Sized Javelin as it took Flight. Eyes shifted to it and legs moved towards it, as that hand when to grab it. Once digits moved to touch the Weapon would seem to remember the hand that once touched it and reformed into a simple Weighted Tube again.

( This is a Sample of a Custom Weapon, Yes it is a hand sized deadly tube that turns into a Javelin, but it could be avoidable, also it could be useless if used wrong. it also could be used to lift falling rocks from a cavern Entrance and extended to be more then just a Weapon. Maybe you can take this a step further and make it heat censored, so when something with heat is near by and your throw it, it travels towards it, but that does not mean it always hits its Target. the Role Playing world, You have to Mentally Roll the dice in terms. What will happen? or what could happen? The best story lines are like movies, no one likes to watch a single Pop and Death. Think like you are writing a Book, Your Thee Author, This is your Story, We only wish to help make it the best with all of us included.

End of Sample.
With These i hope give you a idea of the Direction we are going with this forum, the new players, the Old, even the ones that just wish to learn. We Wish to Aid you and help you Develop, and be part of our World, as much as we all wish to help and be part of your World.
Thank you and Welcome to " So They Dream"

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