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Native Races  Empty Native Races

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:02 pm

While various dreamers and wanderers come in all kinds from all places, there are creatures that are special to this dreamscape. They are residents, tied to these lands in a special way... Made of the very essence that binds this place together; they are the dark and the light of the world, and those that keep the balance. Some of these races are rare, you will not cross their path often -if ever!- and only a select few are allowed in gameplay. Others are more common with larger numbers, sometimes best to be avoided (beware of thystles).

This section is in evolution, as discoveries are still being made.

(Feel free to use the included template to include a native race of your own)

Creating the Races. Or some nonsense like that.

  • Name of Race:

  • Aesthetics:

 common physical traits. themes. what they look like and what kind of creatures they are.

  • Beliefs:

 religion. gender roles. events. society structure and class system. stereotypes.

  • Strengths and Weaknessesssss:

 attributes and abilities. weak points and predators.

  • World Relations:

 do they play well with others? any close relatives, mixed races or descendants.

  • Location:

 are they scattered through the world? do they live in one location? did they migrate?

  • History:

 where they came from, how they came to be. what is their culture; what their homes look like, what they like to do.
 Any notation or extra commentary about the race can be included here.

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Native Races  Empty Re: Native Races

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:45 am

Duskian - Humanoids born within the dream are almost always from the center city, Akasha. It has not been completely unheard of that they are born within a season but it is very, very rare (and comes with consequences). They are much the same as human creatures found anywhere else, but the spectrum of their colouring is much wider.

Merkith - There are two different types of merkind native to the dreaming; the freshwater that that gather in the falls and the salty sirens that keep to the sea. Aside from their locale, it is not easy to distinguish the difference on sight, however, their very natures are quite the opposite. Sporting lovely human features from the waist up and various fish tails from the hips down, the merkith of the falls are merry, sweet things. Playful and flirtatious, they are content to frolick and sing, their sweet voices carrying a myriad of melody across the dark springtime skies. Saltwater mer are not so fun loving. They are hungry and carnivorous, using their song to lure in prey.

Fae/Sidhe - There are a wide variety of faerie species scattered throughout the seasons though there are two more common than others. Elementals are the tiny kind with shimmering wings, each saturated in the nature of earth, wind, fire or water. They are friendly, helpful things prevalent in the gardens of Spring and the fields of Harvest though they can turn up anywhere. Sidhe are larger fae, often wingless with a colder attitude towards 'trespassers' in their territory. They do not often venture to the city, most of them want all the world to return to the wyld.

Weres - Native werefolk here are of two distinct breeds; werewolves and werecats, both divided into many clans of their own kind. They do not get along with each other, the two breeds have been at the verge of an uncivil war for hundreds of years. The wolves are wanderers, gypsy-like, they roam from place to place as they see fit with a particular love for the Harvest forest. The cats seem to prefer the warm desert of Kiss. They have their pride close knit and anchored, nowhere near as free roaming as their canine counterparts. All weres have three forms: Their human form, their animal form and a kind of hybrid mix of both.

Changeling - Shapeshifters of the dream have become a rare thing. Once upon a time they were plentiful in number but as the city grew and became vibrant, they became dim and few. Something about the mix of technology and magick has made them weak. They appear as small, frail humans, almost child-like in their natural form but they can change to look like anything in nature: trees, rocks, even small animals. If you have a keen eye, you can spot them though, whatever they are changed into will have some bright, remarkable feature to it. So be careful before you pick that pretty flower with the unusual spots!

Vampyre - The vamp community has thrived in the dark world of the dream, not bound by the constraints of a cycling sun. They flourish in the Bite, of course, but everywhere in the dream apart from Summer's Kiss is tenebrous enough to be fair game for 'nightwalkers'. Vampyres do not need blood so much as they need the essence of a life to feed. They will literally eat the life force of a soul, leaving a victim weak and aged. To create a progeny is no simple one-man job, it requires a coven and solemn ceremony.

Trinkets (not playable without approval) - Also known as poppets, these are strange, mechanical creatures that are not born so much as built. By whom is the great mystery... They have been appearing with more frequency and greater detail for the last century, great life-sized dolls with an eerie spark of life in their big, glass eyes. The first few of them are crude with limited interaction and facial expression but editions from the last 20 years or so have been exquisitely crafted and are downright delightful.

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Native Races  Empty A bit about Thystles: Subculture of the Dreaming

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:00 am

Name of Race: Thystle

Thystles are an ancient race, a nest of them thriving beneath the surface of the world for as long as anyone can remember. By appearance alone, a solitary Thystle seems no threat. They are very small, ranging from 10-15 inches tall and weighing next to nothing with tiny doll faces, exquisite and lovely. Their colours vary widely, not all of them have wings, but each is as beautiful and savage as the next. Razor sharp fangs are something they all have in common, as they feed on blood and essence of their victims. Courtly Thystles are known to have grand hunting parties for sport, hundreds of them gathering above ground in various locations to show off both skill and savagery in an attempt to outdo the others

There are two main groupings of Thystles.

Most common are the Courtly; Thystles nest in great, glittering caverns underground with guarded entrances scattered across the outskirts and the seasons. There are a handful of noble houses and a ruling house is chosen with a new queen every century or so with a joyous and violently competitive celebration. The palace lies low inside the Neverbright mountains, home for the reigning queen and her chosen court. The prominent houses of Thystle nobility have their own glorious underground havens scattered through various sections of the world. Theirs is a very matriarical society, titles and goods are passed down through the mothers and there is always a strong female at the head of each house.

Lesser known are the Wyld Thystles. They are solitary, broken off or banned from the Court; they wander alone through different area of the dreamscape, sustaining themselves on dark berries instead of blood. They are often less ferocious as their courtly kith, some even bordering on genial and gentle in nature. They often keep a wide berth of their courtly kindred, though Thystles -as a rule- have a surprising respect for their lineage and will not slaughter one of their own outside of competition.

Strengths and Weaknessesssss:
Tiny as they are, no single Thystle is a threat to any full-sized creature when in a one-on-one situation. However, it is not common to run across a single Thystle as the Court always travels topside with a full Hunt. Their advantage is only as great as their numbers. They are wicked fast with razor sharp fangs and claws, some among them graced with a particular set of natural magicks and an ability to glamour non-natives. Not only are they small, they are hyper sensitive to light and sharp sounds. This is one of the reasons they have developed such an apt hand at exquisite armoury, reknowned for their elaborate headresses and miniature, painstakingly ornamented armours when outside the safety of their Ter.

World Relations:
Thystles are known to not play well with others, though under the rule of their most recent queen they have organized a Council of Outworld relations, opened a trade of their precious glowing crystals and other mined treasures and there has even been a treaty established for the territory now known as Darkside to be opened to visitors. This is one of the only locations to mingle with the thystle kind without fear of being swarmed and eaten on sight, though most people are too uneasy to linger long. Thystles will occasionally cross breed with other fae, mostly Elementals but some thystles can size-change and have been known to breed with Sidhe or (very rarely) Duskian. These hybrid thystles (can only be played with approval) are safe from attack from even the most purebred of their kind, for Thystles will not slaughter those of their own blood. Even the mutts.

The Ter of the Thystles is underground. Within the winding caverns and chasms of our hollow earth they make their nest, different Courts claiming different sections with the High Court and their Queen nestled safely in the icy mountain caves of Neverbright Peaks.


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Native Races  Empty Re: Native Races

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