Before you begin, please read.

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Before you begin, please read. Empty Before you begin, please read.

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:41 am

There are a few things you should know. First and foremost, the templates provided are not some mandatory format but more a suggestion or a guideline to help you add some detail to your part in this storybook. If you have something awesome you've already prepared, please feel free to bring it with you (as long as it isn't the intellectual property of anyone else that you've taken without their permission). A big part in the making of this place was to have somewhere to focus and showcase the boundless creativity we all share. That being said, let me ramble.

Of course every world has its unique types but there are two particular kinds of characters here with very important and distinct differences between them. It's like this - our world is essentially woven together by threads of the dreams in the head of a sleeping goddess. Or so the storybook says. In having such an essence at the core of all things though, it opens the veil to dreaming creatures of all kinds in all times and all places. Complicated, I know... These lovely things lay their head down to rest at home and tumble right into the ether of the dreamscape; some of them quick to fade right back out when they wake but there are also those that become lost here, or simply choose to wander. It causes for a very eclectic population, as you can imagine. It also means that you can bring any beloved charrie from anywhere, it makes room for literally all types. Then there are the other kind; the natives, the residents, the handful of races that were born with this world and cannot slip through the veil. The regulations for making some of these are a bit more rigid due to characteristics specific to the race and faction. Even the common races to other worlds have a bit of a twist to them here but there will be more on that later, as well as the details on these beings and what they're all about. This is not to say that you cannot make a native creature of any kind. You can make whatever you like. Just be aware that there are some races that have a bit of a different standard in this world than their cousins from another. These are just some things to consider when deciding what part you want to play here, but please message me if there is anything you'd like to ask or if you need any assistance.

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