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Post by Killian on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:41 am

Act I. Biographical Data

Given Name:  Killian Velska
Nicknames and Aliases: The Everfrost
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  Unknown
Race:  Human

II. Physical

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- Height: 6' 0"
- Weight: 167 lbs
- Hair Colour/Style: Snowy white, reaching towards his thighs
- Eye Colour: Icy blue (Left) Red crimson (Right)
- Skin Colour: Pale

Body Type & Physical Condition: Lithe and agile
Physical Abilities & Limitations: Very swift and lithe, only further so with the colder it is. Low physical strength.
Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Can fall fataly ill if the temperature around him rises above a certain threshold.
Physical Imperfections: Has to remain in a cold enviroment, be it artificial, or natural.
Clothing style: Robes are a favorite, not one to favor heavy armors.
Distinguishing Features: His strangely colored eyes and hair.
Voice: Brisk, chilling at times. (Heh)
Faction Type: Currently none

III. Mental

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Outer Goals: To spread the Winter's Bite.
Inner Goals: To ascend into an Ice Archron.
Super Objective: Bring a lasting winter to the Dream.
Personality: Unstable, one could even say bipolar.
Likes/Dislikes: Anything cold is among his favorites, including but not limited to personalities, weather, food, ect. Not a huge fan of those with a high value for Valor and Honor.
Hopes/Desires: Have yet to be shared.
Fears/Phobias: Fire.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Dirty Secrets: Wouldn't you like to know.
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
More Thinking or Feeling: Feeling
Selfish or Selfless: Selfish
Attitudes Toward:  
- Self: Coolest of the cool.
- Others: Tools
- Friendship: Worthless
- Love: Too warm
- Religion: Ice
- Country: Needs more ice
- The World: Needs a LOT more ice.

Superstitions: Twelve pointed snow flakes are a very good sign.
Admirable Traits: Very ambitious.
Negative Traits: Damned crazy.
Prejudices: Heat.
Most Painful Things in Their Life: The sun.
Mental Disturbances: A hidden element.
Philosophy of Life: The best blanket will always be a deathly frost.

IV. Skills & Talents

Talents: Exceptional ability to manipulate ice and water.

Skills: (Will fill in later on.)

V. Social

Political Alignment: None.
Religion: None.
Job/Class: Glacial Mage.
Family: Presumed dead.
Relationships: None spoken of.

Noted accomplishments:
- Famous/infamous: Wouldn't be known for them here.


- Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)

Weapon: Cryo Staff. (Stolen) Gives him even further control over his element, and enhancing the strength of his spells and skills.

Armor: Enchanted Frost Robes. Gives him almost as much protection as a suit of heavy armor would, able to harden against blades and projectiles, used mainly to try and ward off heat. Transforms into a Icy bulwark if it should get wet.

Item: Everfrozen Choker. Taken from an Ice Queen in the past, its original intent was to torture her prisoners, the choker constantly keeping the wearer's core temperature at around freezing level. With this, he can easily travel to warmer areas without the threat of himself becoming ill. It does well to repel fire and heat based attacks to an extent. The downside, however, is he can never remove it.

- Languages Spoken: English
- Literacy: Depends on his mood.

VI. Background/ History

Killian comes from a long line of Ice mages, several of them moving up to become Arch mages. He himself has proven to be more skilled and enlightened than his forefathers. Displaying exceptional talent from a young age, it was becoming clear to his family that he was going to reach a new height for their bloodline. That was of course, until the curse had become evident. Around his eighth birthday, the icy hue of his right eye had taken a dramatic change, becoming that of a flaring red crimson. Such a thing had not been seen for generations among their family. The last to show such a symptom before their outrage was his great, great, great grandfather, who destroyed almost all of their bloodline with his outrage. Little is known about what happened during that time, but his family took every precation to stop him from following down that path.

After several years of training and education, he's manage to keep the curse in check, the urges to destroy all around him being small to nonexsistant. However, it did manage to encourage his thirst to convert the world to more of his liking. Over time, it became more evident to his family that he was motives that were beyond what their way of life was. In their efforts to try and lead him along what they believe to be right path, he let loose his curse, of his own accord. He remembers nothing of this outburst, only that he set it free, and that the aftermath left a sweet taste in his mouth. No one left to hinder his progress, he went on to continue his conquest for becoming an even higher being, and to cover the world in a blanket of ice and snow, that he would dominate.

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Very nice.

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