The pleasantry of a perpetual moment.

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The pleasantry of a perpetual moment. Empty The pleasantry of a perpetual moment.

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:54 am

It was almost surreal the way the sun never moved its lilac rays from the edge of the horizon. The sky radiated a soft, orchid glow and it was as if Brightside had been caught frozen in a moment. It was all too easy to lose track of time and trial in these lavender airs, and that was part of the charm to this lush oasis. Black glass sand sparkled as far as the eye could see until it met a thick carpet of the soft, green grass that hailed arrival to the tropical territory. Craters sprung up amidst the palm trees, the legendary therapeutic springs bubbling softly with luminous waters; each pool inviting in its warm and healing embrace underneath the languid lilac sunshine. This time of year, it was not uncommon to find a flurry of odd company from all corners sharing space amiably as if these magick waters wove a spell into the air as well, something that kept the calm and caused tourists to forget the ails of their mind along with their bodies, caused them a contentment to live and let live and simply heal instead of falling prey to the tedious task of squabbling and upkeep of malcontent disposition. These waters could melt even the coldest hearts.

In the center of this therapeutic paradise, near the largest glowing pool was a post with a giant hourglass filled with the glittering sands of the desert - the only way to keep any track of time in this place. Though the sun never neglected its post, the hourglass spun every half-day in reminder that life had not paused and the world was still moving on somewhere outside of this pleasant moment.

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