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A C T I . B I O G R A P H I C A L D A T A

G I V E N  N A M E: Sinderi Sijobu
B I R T H  N A M E: Elera Firwitch
N I C K N A M E  +  A L I A S E S: Sindrei, child of cinders
G E N D E R: Female
A G E: Immortal. A bit over a thousand years old (1032), became immortal at the age of 18 and thus does not look a whole lot older than that.
R A C E: Human. Recognized as a true demon despite being human. (Agrhem.)
B I R T H P L A C E:Viridi

I I. P H Y S I C A L

● A P P E A R A N C E:

H E I G H T: 5'7
W E I G H T: 110 lbs
H A I R C O L O U R / S T Y L E: Her hair is a jet black color with a so called red 'glow'. It is fairly straight and reaches below her shoulders.
E Y E  C O L O U R: Sinderi was born with icy blue eyes, yet upon fusing with Huír they became a distinctive red. When a mind link is established with Huír, her eyes will become a sclera black, on rare occasions the iris will remain visible in its red, almost glowing state.
S K I N  C O L O U R:  Her skin is of a sickly pale complexion, showing no signs of warmth despite the elevated levels of her body temperature. This only adds to her malnourished, ill, and ghostly appearance.
B O D Y  T Y P E & P H Y S I C A L  C O N D I T I O N:  Slender but agile. Her body has a slightly toned look to it. This shows mainly when her muscles are used more intensely, for example whilst running or lifting things. Despite being toned there are periods of time where the girl looks more like a walking skeleton. Especially if she has refused to feed for a prolonged period of time. Resulting in a severely malnourished and thus weaker body.
P H Y S I C A L  A B I L I T I E S  &  L I M I T A T I O N S:

A B I L I T Y:
Enhanced senses: Unlike most humans Sinderi can see in the dark as if it were day, and her sense of smell and hearing are a few levels above that of the average human as well. Though still they pale in comparison to 'true' demonic beings. She however still needs to concentrate to be able to hear or smell things more clearly.

Stamina: Again this should be obvious. It takes a long time for the female to tire from fighting and running, she also naturally moves faster and smoother than human beings. And yes, this also is due to the demonic entity inside her.

Strength: Due to the demonic influences of Huír, and the strengthening of her muscles with Xiumbar, Sinderi possesses above human levels of strength. This however does come at a cost, since her bones are still as strong as a human's and can't always take the strain her muscles put on them.

L I M I T A T I O N S:
Cold: Being a creature coming from the underworld cold is something hard to deal with. Walking outside in the snow would easily give her hypothermia. It is estimated that if she were to be outside during winter without protecting spells or clothes it'd take a mere 30 minutes before consciousness is lost. Remaining in water for a longer period of time will have the same effect if it is not above a certain temperature.

Light: Her eyes are adapted to darkness. Looking at a bright object may blind her temporarily, while staring at the sun with Huír's eyes may even burn her eyes away completely. Flashes of bright white light may have a similar blinding effect. The brighter the light, and the less she is prepared for it, the more damage will be done to her eyes.

Holy magic/weapons: Like all demonic beings Sinderi has a great weakness for holy magic and its weapons. Holy water however has no effect on her, nor have crosses. Being cut with a blessed blade will do a considerable amount of damage compared to a normal one.

Blood: Yes, blood. No, she is not afraid of it. Quite the opposite even. Sinderi needs to drink blood to keep herself alive, but she absolutely hates it. Due to this she is pretty much constantly starving, and the sight and smell of blood can push her over the edge into a blood-crazed madness. A lot of her deaths have been caused by starvation, this she doesn't know of course.

Injuries: Being injured is quite problematic for Sinderi in general. Due to some run-ins she has had with Lacero over the ages, her natural regeneration has stopped fully. To add to this, healing magic, potions, and the like will have less of an effect. A potion or spell which might regrow a cut off limb will barely heal a flesh wound.

P H Y S I C A L  I L L N E S S E S  &  A F F L I C T I O N S: Sinderi has no physical illnesses or afflictions.
P H Y S I C AL  I M P E R F E C T I O N S:   Sinderi's body is riddled with scars from ages of battle, torture, and plain death.
C L O T H I N G  S T Y L E: Most of the time Sinderi is clad in a long sleeved white shirt made of a thin cotton-like fabric. The fibers of this fabric have been imbued with magic in order to keep them from burning whenever she decides to fight. The dark tattered shorts she wears are protected in the same manner, as well as the thick bandages she wraps around her torso for a slight amount of protection and to cancel any movement her chest could make. Making sure that it will not limit her in her fighting. To her right thigh is strapped a dagger holster, containing her beloved weapon Cohibete. The leather is tanned to be a darker brown color, which kind of leather it is exactly is unknown. But just like her clothes it does not burn and is incredibly durable.
D I S T I N G U I S H I N G  F E A T U R E S: Sinderi's body has become quite beaten over the ages. Her back, neck and shoulders are covered with black symbols and lines which are often seen as normal tattoos, however these symbols form the seal which keeps her own and Huír's soul bound to her body.
The seven vertical lines represent the seven Lords of Hell. The six protruding lines and knob connected to the circle represent Huír's true body and soul, the inner circle her own soul, and the lines crossing over them symbolize binding the two together.

On her chest from just below her collar bones to the tip of her sternum runs a pretty nasty looking vertical scar which is mirrored on her back. It has been created shortly after she was impaled on a sword as a form of punishment.

Her whole back is riddled with mostly horizontal scars, all of which cut deep into her skin. The result of torture and punishment with metal whips and the like.

V O I C E:   Her voice is rather cold and monotone, forming a deep contrast with the usual fiery look in her eyes. If it weren't for the odd accent highlighting some vowels and consonants, there would be no change in her tone at all while speaking.
I I I . M E N T A L

A L I G N M E N T:   Neutral evil. Sinderi will take action in the for her most profitable way.
O U T E R  G O A L S:  N/A
I N N E R  G O A L S: N/A
S U P E R  O B J E C T I V E:   N/A
P E R S O N A L I T Y: Cold, silent, and observant are perhaps the words which should describe Sinderi's personality. Aside from the core emotions of demons she doesn't seem to have any. Known for a lack of mercy and pity, as well as being completely indifferent to most lives around her. Being a friend means little to the woman as she will just as easily strike you down for being in the way. Though she has an incredibly high sense of loyalty to her master. So far that she'd give up her own life without hesitation in order to serve him, and blindly follow any order given.
L I K E S / D I S L I K E S:
L I K E S:
- Silence
- Fire
- Warmth
- Shaded or dark areas
- Receiving respect
- Strength, power

D I S L I K E S:
- An abundance of noise
- Bright light
- Cold
- Anything of heavenly origin
- Any being centered around lust (think incubi/succubi)
- Vampires
- Human emotion
- Weakness in all its shapes and forms

H O P E S / D E S I R E S: N/A
F E A R / P H O B I A S: Sinderi, despite being immortal, fears death. Mainly because she does not known she will continue existing afterward.
Sinderi also fears bindings and magic sigils/pentagrams. Being restricted in her movement will make her lash out faster.

S E X U A L  O R I E N T A T I O N: Straight, though the chances of her falling for someone are near nonexistent.
D I R T Y  S E C R E T S: She once slaughtered a whole village for one civilian finding out about her by stumbling upon her while she was resting. She left no possible witness alive by eliminating all.
I N T R O V E R T  O R  E X T R O V E R T: Introvert.
T H I N K I N G  OR  F E E L I N G: Thinking.
S E L F I S H  O R  S E L F L E S S:  Selfish, yet selfless towards her master.

● A T T I T U D E S  T O W A R D: 
- S E L F: She is known to be extremely selfish and proud. As such the attitude towards herself is not half that bad.
- O T H E R S: Sinderi's attitude towards others is rather horrible. The chance of her actually caring for another are nil. If someone were to get stabbed in the back, it would be likely that she is the one holding the blade.
- F R I E N D S H I P: Friendship holds no meaning to her, so she couldn't care less about it.
- L O V E: She does not believe such a thing exists.
- R E L I G I O N: Strangely enough, she is not religious. It doesn't play a part in her life whatsoever. She loathes the angels and God out of instinct.
- C O U N T R Y: Due to being a wanderer Sinderi has no opinion on any of the countries she has visited.
- T H E  W O R L D: Sinderi's attitude towards the world would be rather shitty due to human arrogance and their blindness to what is going on around them.

-S U P E R S T I T I O N S:   She doesn't really believe in many superstitions, mainly because she's a supernatural being herself.
-A D M I R A B L E  T R A I T S: Extreme loyalty to her superiors.
-N E G A T I V E  T R A I T S:  Blinded by loyalty. Extremely stubborn.
-P R E J U D I C E S: All angels are scumsucking little shits.
-M O S T  P A I N F U L  E X P E R I E N C E:
- The initial sealing of Huír. Forging two souls together is extremely painful, especially when one is far stronger than the other and the body is barely capable of containing it.
- The two hundred years of torture. Sinderi's mentally and physical most painful experience is without her doubt her punishment after the betrayal. For two hundred years she was chained to a wall with a broadsword stuck through her chest. Slowly crumbling her sanity and mental state as a whole.

-M E N T A L D I S T U R B A N C E S: Sinderi is very distrusting and cold in nature, and would easily turn to genocide if it seems more profitable.
-P H I L O S O P H Y O F L I F E:  ​ Sinderi believes she is but a tool in the hands of her master, and her sole purpose is to serve him until the end of her days.
I V . S K I L L S  &  T A L E N T S:

● T A L E N T S:  
Sinderi can sing fairly well, and knows how to play an abundance of instruments. Mainly string and the piano. She was also taught how to dance and entertain from a young age on.

● S K I L L S:  ​
Xiumbar, energy.
Sinderi uses a specific type of energy called Xiumbar. It is extremely energetic, and can be created in insanely large amounts. So much so that it would break through the stomach plating of the Agrhem and seep out in thick glowing streams. To the eye Xiumbar appears as a orange/red liquid with the consistency of thick magma. When put to use the Xiumbar can change its state, often shifting to a more gaseous form. This shape has no color, but can be seen as a distortion in the air (imagine the distortions in the air on a hot summer's day above a hot road) and those whom are capable of sensing or seeing aura would be capable of easily picking up the energy. Sinderi draws it directly from Huír, since he is located within her. There is a risk to this, as she could destroy her own body if the buildup of Xiumbar is too great. A buildup of Xiumbar in Sinderi's body is easy to notice, as its glow will appear through Sinderi's skin and might even cause veins to bulge up.

Active abilities.
Uri: Probably Sinderi's favorite, and most used power. A mixture of both her and her demon's energy is channeled from her core to her left arm, depending on the amount used veins will bulge and glow red, indicating the coming of the attack. Once leaving the body the energy takes on a form of gas, the demonic amount decides the force and explosiveness of it. While it is scentless and colorless, the gas is possible to see as a distortion in the air. Running from it is possible, though once it ignites the gas expands and makes the blast radius larger. Both the gas and the present flames are in her control to a certain extend, allowing them to bend and move, however once they feed on a different source of energy such as wood, they will become nothing more than a usual flame. After years of using this power she no longer needs to speak the so called magic word. And a small spark from the palm of her hand will be enough to ignite the gas. Depending of the effort put in it the heat can range from that of a candle flame to several thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Now there's something weird about her fire. In the language she grew up with the fuel for the flame is simply called Energy, a heavy gas-like substance. Unlike most earthly fire the flames she creates do not need oxygen, nor heath. They can exist from merely 'energy' in a way. Of course it needs to be ignited but after that it'll be capable of burning for all eternity. As long as the caster is close and thus feeds energy to the flame, once the source is cut off from the flame they will disappear after a few seconds.

Ignis chorea: This move has been dubbed the fire dance, or ignis chorea, by the few beings who have seen her perform it. The name comes from the great speed she can travel at while under influence of this ability, and the flames which flicker on her skin in a golden color. While the time in which she can use this is limited to a maximum of approximately ten minutes, it often is more than enough for the female to get away from attackers. In essence she imbues her muscles with the strength of Huír, causing her whole body to heat up to an average of 150 degrees. Her steps can accelerate her body to the point where it breaks the sound barrier, though at this speed it becomes impossible to really change directions and the risk of her body ripping apart under the strain is enough for her to not attempt this unless in a very dire situation. If she for whatever reason has to use this power, she will need a full day to recharge, as in, she will be unable to use any of her magic abilities.  

Passive abilities.
Masking: Like most demonic beings Sinderi can hide her other side quite well, and often it will be hard to see the demonic entity within her. Her aura, or energy can be masked to the point where it is nothing more than that of an average human female. The only downside to this is that people and creatures easily forget she is there as well.

Fire resistance: While this one should be rather obvious she can not be hurt by fire or heat. Partially because she is a fire mage, and also because her demon protects her from it quite effectively. Being resistant to fire, she is effected harshly by cold, and naturally hates getting wet when there is no reason to.

Immortality: Now before you flip your tits about this. Yes, Sinderi is immortal. How? Well she needs to keep Lucy's little toy alive. Sinderi is immortal in the sense of time. It does not affect her, nor will natural causes like illness be capable of robbing her from life. Unnatural illness, such as curses, will be able to kill her, just like a fatal wound. Think about decapitation, getting her guts ripped out, bleeding out etc.

​V . S O C I A L
P O L I T I C A L  A L I G N M E N T:  N/A
R E L I G I O N: N/A
J O B / C L A S S: Demonic cage, the soul and body of a human bound to the soul of a demon. Meant solemnly to keep the demon safe in times of peace. Former general of the damned legions under Asmodeus' command.
F A M I L Y:   Deceased.
R E L A T I O N S H I P S: N/A

N O T E D  A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S:
- Successfully contains the Agrhem
- Successfully led the damned legions for several hundred years
F A M O U S / I N F A M O U S:  Infamous. Known as the Agrhem and later the Ghost of the Battlefield.

H O B B I E S: Sinderi enjoys forging weapons when she gets the chance.
P E T S: N/A
● W E A P O N R Y, A R M O U R Y, A N D  I N V E N T O R Y:

Cohibete, the restraining blade.
- Passive state -
Forged out of near black and silver steel Cohibete belongs to the more often seen soul blades. Including the blade and hilt the weapon is 10 inches in length and fairly broad. At its widest point the blade measures two inches and is slightly curved. The hilt is connected to the blade by many silvery veins which on occasion will vibrate and hum at the wielder's touch.

- Active state -
Cohibete's active state is that of a three feet long sword. It's rather slim and decorated in a similar fashion as its passive state. The double edged sword is extremely strong, and will be used as an arm guard from time to time to receive and deflect physical attacks.
In general it's a very simple sword with a basic hand guard and pommel.

- True state -
The true state of Cohibete is rather interesting, and used more often than its active sword state. Upon releasing its true state the blade crumbles and falls apart into many microscopic fragments of metal. Its mass increases several times to form a man sized cloud of metallic black dust. This dust can reform, fall apart and move freely. And since it is not a normal metal it is not attracted by magnetism and thus very useful. Friction is what gives it a strong defense and offence, as it functions often as a domed shield. Mogirim-ando can not be melted by fire and thus it forms the perfect weapon for Sinderi. Breathing the particles in would allow lungs and other internal organs to be ruptured.

Due to Cohibete existing out of microscopic metal particles which stay together with the use of friction and the energy known as Xiumbar, it is extremely durable and will maintain a sharp edge. When broken in battle it will simply reform, and continue serving its wielder. It is possible to neutralize the weapon by disturbing the flow of demonic energy within it, which will make it nothing more than an ordinary blade.

● P R O P E R T I E S
- B U S I N E S S:   N/A
- P R O P E R T Y:   N/A

● E D U C A T I O N:
- L A N G U A G E S  S P O K E N: Sinderi is fluent in both English and the language spoken by the Agrhem in the days of old, Mohin.

V I . B A C K G R O U N D / H I S T O R Y  
Sinderi was born into the Firwitch clan on the 21st of June during the northern solstice or summer solstice. Granted the name Elera by her parents, she was a very promising fire mage child due to legends of old. At birth it soon became clear that the girl had a rare, but complete resistance to heat, but was vulnerable to cold. She had an older brother, Lucian, who was five years older than her. A mage with a high sense for darker magics and conjuring. Together they lived in a town named Viridi, located in an ancient caldera. What remains of this place today is nothing but ruin of marble stone, overgrown by a thousand years of vegetation. Sadly, during her childhood it became clear that the young Elera could not use magic. Not even the smallest spark would come from her fingers. Frustrating as it may be, she was not treated as an outcast. Partially due to belonging to the head family, and being the child of the ‘guardian’ of the town. Her brother Lucian would never allow her to get hurt either, and they were often seen playing together among the fields and woods. She did learn plenty of other skills which would become very useful at some point such as tailoring, cooking, hunting and using the forge to create most weapons and tools the village needed.

For about seventeen years the family lived together in harmony with the nature around them and the other members of the clan. Until on a faithful day a raid from the depths of hell invaded Viridi, knowing there were plenty of strong mages and conjurers there. They were set out on a mission to find a vessel for a peculiar demon, and ordered to kill all those who didn't meet their needs. Hell fire tore down the marble wars, and for several days the fight continued. Elera had been hidden within the Firwitch mansion, but eventually she was found. Her resistance to fire was what spared her from the cursed flames, but caused her to be damned all at the same time. The raid ended with the reap of Elera, it is unclear whether or not members of the clan survived the hell fire.

-The first (major) alteration.-

As expected, the young Elera's mind was wiped to be rid of the trauma from her family and friends being utterly annihilated. So upon being dragged to hell she was received by a certain Succubus. This woman took her by the hand and dragged her off for the first of many memory alterations. It was completely wiped clean, basically turning the girl into a blank version of a human to be created to the demon's will, with of course no will of her own.

In total Elera has spent about a full year in hell to prepare her body for the intense strain which was going to be put on it. Soon enough she learned how to channel the energies within Hell through her body, and that the heat was nothing more than an illusion created by this. During this period she was treated as Royalty, and given the name Sinderi Sijobu. In the Mohin tongue Sinderi is an abbreviation of Sindrei, which translates to ‘child of cinders’. It only looked like a fitting name due to her fiery hair, and resistance to heat. Sijobu was taking from the succubus Sijobu (Sijo ihm Bu. Mother of lust.) A high ranking demoness and personal toy of Lucifer himself. She taught Sinderi how to guard herself against temptation and emotion, and to see through illusions and sweet promises. Sadly, this resulted in her discard of nearly all human emotions safe for those which make the core of many a demon. And a fierce hatred for any emotion revolving around love. As it is something nonexistent for most of the incubi, succubi, and other demonic entities.

Huír had been sealed inside her shortly before her eighteenth birthday. At first the reason for this was merely to easily get rid of the demon. She served as a ways of amusements for the higher ranking generals and soldiers, fighting in the arena against beings many times stronger than her human self. Luckily for her the demon did not desire to perish, after spending five thousand years within the Void (Xríbahn in Mohin) it still had the desire to live, and thus granted her his power. Together they lived through all this peril, and when it seemed like it was virtually impossible to kill the two this easily, and since they became more beloved as a champion with each victory, the decision was made to stop these attempts. Lucifer ordered Sinderi to be brought before his council to discuss what the following course of action would be. Her mental state had dwindled tremendously, and another memory alteration was necessary to allow her to function properly. Each alteration was crucial to prevent loopholes, and to stop her mind from shattering completely. This alteration made her believe she was brought in as an infant, and raised under Lucifer’s wing. Thus winning her full trust and commitment since ‘he had saved her life’. It was at this time that the seal on her back was made. Unlike what she had been told it wasn't meant to destroy her soul upon death, or upon extraction. It was solemnly created to keep the two souls bound within their body, so when she did happen to die she could be summoned back to Hell and revived. Thus becoming an immortal.

-The second (major) alteration.-

This is the third period of Sinderi’s life. At twenty years old she had mastered the art of handling the sword, and was entrusted with one of Huír’s weapons; Cohibete. She and several other demons were included in a program to become generals within Hell’s legions. Oddly enough the girl became incredibly skilled with fire 'magic', and all enemies fell before her. The vessel of the Agrhem became well known within Hell, and was respected by the lesser demons. Quickly the girl moved up in rank, until she served directly underneath Asmodeus as head of his legions. Huír and Sinderi had become friends at the time, which was the secret to their strength. The Agrhem was a feared being, and many wars were won. Armies were utterly annihilated, none could withstand the fierce human being, whom after the thousandth clash between the Heavens and Hell, was recognized as a true demon. An emotionless killer whom despite her fiery ways grew unusually cold and indifferent to the lives around her. The yearning for freedom however came to her, kindled by Huír's ancient desires, and it was him who managed to persuade her to attempt an escape.

At first it looked like the escape had been successful and for a short while Sinderi lived on Earth, alas she was found, and severely punished. After being dragged back into the pits she was impaled and pinned through her chest to a wall in the prison underneath the burning city of Dis. Two hundred agonizing years she remained there, her mind slowly crumbling and falling apart. Huír had done desperate attempts at keeping her safe, but eventually he begged for the girl to be set free. Utterly broken her memory was altered again, to make her think she made a grave mistake in battle, and thus was punished. Huír struck an agreement with Lucifer to never bond with Sinderi in such a way again. The being grew bitter and often redirected his hatred and frustration to the girl. Naturally their position within the damned legions was revoked, as to prevent her remembering the 'wiped' memories.

-After the last alteration.-

After this Sinderi was stationed on earth. A lone huntress in the night, scouting for escaped demonic beings to send them back to the pits they belonged. When wars waged she often came to watch, to observe the humans in their struggles and to mourn over the fallen ones. Feeling guilty for her need to feed off of the humans, she often kept the demons away with her presence to assure the judgement of their souls would be fair. Some people did see her, but all they would notice were her white shirt, pale skin and piercing red eyes. Soon enough her appearance became known as the pale ghost of the battlefield. Since most humans were at the verge of dying when they saw her, but somehow managed to live through it. She had to feed off of humans to survive, since her organs had mostly shut down. Huír kept her blood flowing and allowed her to live, but she had to fully give up her humanity in order to survive. Each time she died on Earth she was revived, and a new alteration was created to prevent her from remembering how this was possible.


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