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Post by Pixadora on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:18 pm

Pixadora Titania Rotten

● Age: full grown
● Race: Mixed-blood Fae (UnSeelie Sidhe and Thystle)
● Home: Wherever she sets her feet.
● Gender: femme

● Eye Color: Yellow, feverish and glistening, with rings of toxic green.
● Hair Color: Pitch black - shaved on the back and sides but the top is long, down to her thighs.
● Height: tall, about 6 feet
● Weight: thin, 125 lbs
● Body Type: She is lithe and muscular, with a feline flexibility.
● Distinguishing Features: Pointy ears, pointy teeth, glowing yellow eyes and deathly white skin; she cuts a striking figure.
● Clothing Style: When there comes a colour darker than black, she'll wear it. Her style is casual and edgy, she never sacrifices her comfort for girly aesthetics. She wear trousers and her boots are flat.

● Alignment:  Her loyalties lie with Team Rotten.
● Personality:  She is gruff and a little grumpy but under her unpleasantness she is a lot more kind hearted than she would ever let on. She's got a good sense of humor and can't help but to crack wise, especially when her twin brother
● Dirty Secrets:  Would hardly be a secret if everyone knew...
● Philosophy of Life:


● Background/ History:


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