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Act I. Biographical Data

Given Name:  Jozeph 'Icarus' Dumile
Nicknames and Aliases: Light 'em Up
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  October 23, 1990
Race: Solaris

II. Physical

Appearance:  Tall, brooding and dark skinned. 2/3.
- Height: 6'2"
- Weight: 190lbs
- Hair Colour/Style: Short. Really curly when it's allowed to grow out. Jet black.
- Eye Colour: Hazel brown. More pronounced in contrast to his skin colour.
- Skin Colour: Chestnut brown

Body Type & Physical Condition: He once was very athletic, given his former lifestyle as a former professional fighter and underground brawler. Due to months of drinking and self abuse he's more flabby all over his body and out of shape. Has a bit of a beer gut going on.
Physical Abilities & Limitations: Due to magical properties in the ink used for his tattoos, he has better strength, endurance, speed, reflexes, etc. compared to other humans. However these tattoos aren't used passively. Joe has to actively use his own power, Sol to activate the tattoos. One thing is Joe can't use Sol like he normally intends to because of the tattoos on his body. Consider his body a 'sky' and Sol as the Sun itself. If the Sun is covered by smog (the tattoos) then he can't use it the way he'd normally use it.
Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Currently an alcoholic and suffering from depression.
Physical Imperfections: Missing a piece of his left ear (he can still hear from it though)
Clothing style: Before his fall from grace you could spot Joe rocking the finest clothing could offer. Now he's just a bum. Wears a thick overcoat and dirty fingerless gloves, black skinny jeans with holes in 'em. Mismatching boots. He's always trying to hide his face so he wears a scarf to hide his face.
Distinguishing Features:  His hazel eyes and mangled left ear.
Voice: Deep and gravelly touched with a bit of a sorrow.

III. Mental

Alignment:  After being left for dead and to fend for himself Joe has got it in his mind that he needs to watch out for himself and himself alone. If it doesn't benefit him in any way then he's not down with it, no matter the cause.
Outer Goals: Get another drink!
Inner Goals: Stop drinking and get back in the gym.
Super Objective: Regain what he's lost, go back to where he came from and find the witch who put these tattoos on him. Not necessarily in that order.
Personality:  He's a very likeable person, given his natural charisma and penchant for saying funny things. That's him when he's sober. When he's drunk he's a nasty, bully who's selfish and heartless. A bit dopey in this state as well.
Likes/Dislikes: Joe loves the Sunlight as it is his main source of power. Alcohol, Training, Money and Women; He also dislikes these at the same time, if you can understand.
Hopes/Desires: To become a top champion like he was before.
Fears/Phobias: N/A
Sexual Orientation:  Straight.
Dirty Secrets:  Addicted to drug fueled orgies.
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert, regardless of his current state.
More Thinking or Feeling: Both.
Selfish or Selfless: Selfish when drunk, more altruistic when sober.
Attitudes Toward:  
- Self:  A hawk who's lost his wings.
- Others:  As long as they leave me alone then everything will be fine.
- Friendship:  Fickle.
- Love:  Meh.
- Religion:  ...
- Country:  Its here, I live here. What else??
- The World:  "They'll know me one day"

Superstitions: N/A
Admirable Traits: Can be pretty selfless when he's of the right mind.
Negative Traits: Selfish and can be a bully at times.
Prejudices: People who abuse the power they have.
Most Painful Things in Their Life: Having his hands broken.
Mental Disturbances:  A constant nagging from his former self telling him to get back to training.
Philosophy of Life: N/A

IV. Skills & Talents


[Limited] Sol - His own energy source that people of his race are capable of manipulating from an early age. Sunlight is absorbed by his body which reacts with his body's own properties that enables Joe to create, well Sol. Moonlight works as well but only at half the rate. For now, Joe can't use it externally like he normally would where he'd mold it into shapes and forms to assist him in whatever he does due to the tattoos on his body. He can only use it (internally) to activate the tattoos on his body AND to be his main source of sustenance.

Pugilist - Being a former prizefighter, Joe made a name for himself in the underground brawling games of the Outskirts. Savage, unsavory events fashioned to cure the boredom of derelicts and criminals. At first he was doing it just to survive. Then a promoter and trainer found him and saved him from his eventual fate and helped him make a name for himself and eventually become champion. Since his fall from grace, Joe doesn't do much of this anymore.

V. Social

Political Alignment:  

Noted accomplishments:
- Famous/infamous:


- Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)

Properties (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)

- Languages Spoken:
- Literacy:

VI. Background/ History  

VII. Past Storylines: (Optional)



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