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EzimiscePrime Ezimis10

Given Name:  Ezimisce Drako Prime
Nicknames and Aliases:  "Ezi" or "Prime"
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  Unknown but Ezimisce, was never born, his chest a empty shell, bones, a brain all the functioned to live. He was as well soul-less, and heart-less, not meaning without a care, but truly he was without. He had nothing of a blood pumping organ within his chest, only something called the hexen kept him alive. The hexen, was the blood of the demonic gods after the feast of the first god that died and fell from the heavens.

He was as well soul-less, and heart-less, not meaning without a care, but truly he was without. He had nothing of a blood pumping organ within his chest, only something called the hexen kept him alive. The hexen, was the blood of the demonic gods after the feast of the first god that died and fell from the heavens.
Race:  thee rare and unknown, arch chaos demon, the first of his breed mixed with the Overlords of his Home World. Hellion Prime.
II. Physical
Appearance: Demonic inclined cranium and pitting two holed sockets, with Twin Burning flames lifting from them pooling and raised from his skull. Twin Horns Resting from his head into points, as his face mostly covered with a cloth or something to appear more human like, and be more relate-able to other races or Breeds. Structurally strong framed bones moved out as the skin sank deeper from the bone that formed his skeletal but Crimson toned shoulders holding the tank like frame but moveable to drop down. When those muscles mixed with Bone rested it pressed against his frame, much like a boned frill that would expand when his body would tense or alert sudden quick actions with sudden or sometime sense-able and none sensible actions. Moving down the Arms, both twins on each side, shown Omi Tattoos and tribal ink burned into the flesh of him as those were not tattoo's but a chart of kills from his past, markings of lives taken, crossing and dancing like a scoreboard of blood and carnage. Muscles Toned down those two frames tight and toned matching with a elbow formed spike that rested on both elbows as the back side a sharp powerful pretrudering spike, but the front edge a almost razor bladed formed edge for cuting much like a sword. Down to the Wrist and hand's area those fingers all edged their own type of retractable claws as well as a hole place behind the back of the hand in the area of the wrist where his Radius and Ulna would be able to retract a blade that would come out much like a wrist blade or a Katar. Moving to the Chest, a Tight Tone form of Smooth Musclur Rippling abs moving to his hip bones. Those Muscles and Crimson flesh stretched with Markings and Afflictions of killed opponents but due to a fast healing factor, no scars or mishaps. Moving to the legs two toned Legs for jumping moving and Shifting, designed with the style of springing and lifting much like a animal can spring by storing energy in their legs, he is much the same of that, able to leap normal or even up to 40 feet requiring needs to excel suddenly.
Feet normally covered like much of the world and the knowledge of shoes and boots, but in the case of him not wearing them, his feet sometimes show the demonic edge to them having a Spike at the Kneecap's for spring stabbing and crushing with the impact of a leap. or even with his feet retractable claws and his back heel can Curl with the ability to withdraw spike to stab with his feet when kicking or with backwards heel kicks.
- Height: 6 foot 9
- Weight: due to bone thickness and frame work near 900 to 1000 pounds.
- Hair Colour/Style: None ( when in human form Black, Straight and long)
- Eye Colour: Crimson hues, hard to tell if even eyes are their.
- Skin Colour: Crimson with Markings over 74% of his body.

Body Type & Physical Condition: P refection for a combat based Creature. Musclur but with a slimmer design the lower his body goes.
Physical Abilities & Limitations:  This abilities physical are the normal as anyone else, yes he excels at speed and reaction but also simplified thinking. his Limitations break down into the simple, needs over Don't needs, Yes with him living as long as he has, it is hard to decide what is important to what is not, thus if 2 people are about to die, he may not pick to save anyone at all because lives don't matter like many would think they do. When you outlive everyone around you and you feel Ancient but still have the body of a young Adult it makes you question why even care about anything else, Love is something he heard of and experienced but sadly it is gone, and thus he does not recall the worth of it Also.
Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: muscle memory from being alive for so long makes it hard for him to get attuned to different Styles and ways, New Cultures make him a little edgy because of this, the ways of people praying before they eat and so on, His mind can not wrap around the Reason, and Thus for him to do that Action as to pray, would have to make him focus and fight his own mind to do it physical. Also this would go with sometimes meaning to Spare a life, when his mind already decided they need to die.
Physical Imperfections: His Face he believes is monstrous, yes he is a Demon, a Demonic being with teeth and so on, and so thus feels he is Physical Un-perfect in his face. so he covers it because of self shame, Yes under it, he is just normal, but to his mind, and his mind controls everything he does, He just believes he is flawed because of it.
Clothing style: Simple if put that basic, Mostly only wears shorts or something on the under half like leg armor, it is just to hard to keep something on his chest when he is in combat or around that lifestyle all the time. sometimes her wears shoulder armor or even a armor over the area of his abs and stomach but barely never covers it. The last piece is the cloth he wears on his face, just to keep that there so he feels normal.
Distinguishing Features:  Well kind of all of him, i mean you have been around a long long time, and just to hear him or something to give a sign of him and well you kind of know, from the remarks and his spoken style to the simple cracking of his body moving as those muscles shift in place on his form.
Voice: A voice much like we all have, Unique, but more with a hellish voice, not Deep but mid-ranged and never pitchy, straight to the point mostly when his words come.
Faction Type:Chaotic Neutral,  
III. Mental

Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Outer Goals: Unknown
Inner Goals: Unknown
Super Objective: Freedom
Personality:  some likeable, some hatred, and Some Sick of witnessing weakness in the world in control.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes........... Dislikes...... What is really left to like and not like when you have Seen and felt everything and Disappeared into a Broken Nation.
Hopes/Desires: Unknown
Fears/Phobias:  ...... hmmm good Question
Sexual Orientation:  Brown Chicken Brown Cow.....
Dirty Secrets:  
Introvert or Extrovert:
More Thinking or Feeling:
Selfish or Selfless:
Attitudes Toward:  
- Self: .......Why, don't you just stop living, there is nothing left...... But i am Left and i dont think i need to just stand still and wait to Rot.... When there are others that need to Rot before me....
- Others:  ... Wow life still is around.... now i question why are they here and what should i do if they dont want me to be here?.... Remember the Maiyans....
- Friendship:  ..... they are hugging me, why are they Hugging me.... What is this raping of finger tips wrapping around me..... Is this what Rape feels like..... I think i like Rape... but i am unsure....
- Love:  Great This again..... i chose to try to eat my Masamune... is that an option.... No.... You are a Terrible interviewer......
- Religion:  that is the thing that people do, that they believe in a man in the sky or some kind of overlord, leader, that blesses them with things and gifts....Right? Yeah... i did that once.. i did not believe in me either...
- Country:  I hate that type of music.... Oh.. you mean a place we live in.... i am sorry i did not know Celestia was a Country, or Was that Grimnon, or was that.... :rambles:
- The World:   hmmm it lacks bloodshed... requires more red, and the Grass is way to Green, feels like some Crazy Fairies dream i am Trapped in.....  

IV. Skills & Talents
Talents:  Prime is a Weapon that is all, he himself is able to withstand massive amounts of damage and force back almost double in return, Thick Bones, Spike and horn, Knowledge and History of many Things fueled into a Recaninated Creature of Legend and Torment. Not all know him but, Many have heard of him and know that he outburst a unique talent of proven he is that... A Weapon.
Skills: Energy Reflection is a main stand point of his power, yes not having a heard does have it draw backs but also his Blood being that of Hexin, It naturally Absorbs and pulls other organizms into it to expand and swell with more energy, Yes Expelling the Energy is more harder then just absorbing it thus when Prime has to do so it is with the Desire to Destroy or completely Level Zones, Areas, and Agressors.  

Vicissitude :The Ability to Craft Flesh and Blood and Bone into Weapons and Items Shapes and even Other Lifeforms.

V. Social

Political Alignment: None  
Religion: None
Job/Class: None
Family: Family a Small Few counted on a single hand.
Relationships: None

Noted accomplishments:
- Famous/infamous: Killing The God Erebus, Destroying other Nations, being a Gensha Kahn of Warfare within Rping Realms. A Fearsome Overlord of ruthless Task, even making Lovers kill each other or Children to prevent their own Perish.

Hobbies:  None
Pets:  None
- Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)
WEAPONS: 2 Long 59 Inch Masamunes, Elbow Spikes, knees, Head and Clawed Finger tips. Known to use Wrist Blades and sometimes uses Viccissitude to form Weapons by using his own body to create at the moment. Another Weapon is Shadows and Blunt Force Energy and above all Knowledge.  
ARMOR: Mostly Bones and Frilled Skeletal Extra's such

- Languages Spoken: English, Demonic
VI. Background/ History  - Look up  = http: http://ezimisceprime.angelfire.com/

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