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Post by Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:34 pm

Blessed Be and Merrily Met to the fantastical lands of Reverie. This is a world of Dreams and Dreamers where those that wander from all times and places can cross paths and those born native to the Dreaming hold a delicate balance within the world. We make our own stories here, this is our storybook. These are our faerie tales. Creatures of every kind have a place somewhere in our world, and we strive to support -not so much just roleplay- but creative writing and shared stories; this is a safe place for outlet and expression in a beautifully thought out fantasy world and we just want to craft wonderful stories with other creative wordsmiths. Unlike many roleplay forums, we do not have as strongly set rules for character creation, we often invite people to resurrect and bring along old characters from other places that may flicker in and out of our world as they sleep and wake in their own. We encourage players to jump in anywhere they take a fancy to and just roll in as they see fit. Assistance is offered eagerly from admin upon request. Fantasy creatures of all walks are also invited to be natives, with a few original races special to the world available for play as well.

The world itself is divided in four 'wild' sections, each the representation of the epitome of the four seasons and one central fifth area dominated by a vast city surrounded by both a wall and a fog of ether. This flattened world does not rotate so it is only and always sunny in summerlands, the time tracked instead by the two moons - one that circumnavigates the seasons while the other revolves around the first. It is dim like dawn in Verdant and dusky like twilight in Harvest, the blackest, coldest quarter of the land is left to winter. Dreamers can wander freely through any area, appearing in and out of story as they sleep in other places but natives are bound to this world alone.

-to be continued-

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