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Act I. Biographical Data

Given Name:  Mortimus Bartuc
Nicknames and Aliases: Chaos
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  Lost
Race:  Demonic Absolute

II. Physical


Image to be added

- Height: 6' 5"
- Weight: 213 lbs
- Hair Colour/Style: Raven Black, messy shoulder length
- Eye Colour: Crimson Red
- Skin Colour: Dark, Shadowish

Body Type & Physical Condition: Well built, prominent muscle, peak physical condition
Physical Abilities & Limitations: Demonic strength and speed to match, immense endurance, body vulnerable to overuse of abilities and power (Overheating, as it were)
Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Unstable mental state
Physical Imperfections: A scar upon his back
Clothing style: Favors heavy armors and trench coats. Both at once if possible.
Distinguishing Features:  His horns, surging and pulsing with blood
Voice: Dark, heavy, booming when yelling
Faction Type: Darkness

III. Mental

Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Outer Goals: To do as he pleases
Inner Goals: To erase his past entirely
Super Objective: To become the new absolute power
Personality:  Cruel, empathetic, manipulative, uncharacteristically protective of Obsidian.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: The darkness, bloodshed, blood lust, Obsidian, rectangular pastries - Dislikes: Bright places, cowards, pitiful pleas, whimsy, his past
Hopes/Desires: Hope is for fools. Desires: To obtain the power that had been stripped away from him.
Fears/Phobias:  Fears: The nightmares of his past, reminders of his once mortal life. Phobias: Being completely lost to his insanity.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Dirty Secrets:  Irritably submissive to the Goddess, the only one to ever easily overpower him.
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
More Thinking or Feeling: Feeling
Selfish or Selfless: Selfish (Some exceptions may apply)
Attitudes Toward:  
- Self:  An incomplete being
- Others:  Blood to be spilled
- Friendship:  Only when profitable
- Love:  Only for one
- Religion:  I am a religion! (Pfffft)
- Country:  Definitely not Sheol
- The World:  Unknown, soon to know him

Superstitions: His deceased family from the past haunting him
Admirable Traits: I'll let you know when I find one
Negative Traits: Arrogance, volatile, unstable
Prejudices: HATES icy brats
Most Painful Things in Their Life: The lingering memories of his mortal life
Mental Disturbances:  I think I've made this pretty clear, aside from the constant nagging urge to go berserk
Philosophy of Life: If it bleeds, then it should.

IV. Skills & Talents


Evil Eye - Comes with being a demon with glowing hues. Easily turns the weak willed into a quivering mess of sweat and chattering bone. Not so effective on those with a spine. Can be used for manipulation to a weak degree.

Patience - In spite of his nature and character, he is pretty damned good at holding his person or urges to a degree. Based on who he is, and how his mind works, this is honestly worthy of mention.

Obsidian - The one precious thing left to him in life, and the only one he would EVER give up something for.

Elemental Control - After his last run in with the Goddess, he's come to have far better control over the elements than some of the modern day masters, thanks to her "gifts" to him. Needless to say, he's been stripped of that power for some time since her sleeping, but who knows if it will ever come to use again.

Swordsmanship - Having always favored broad swords and even larger varieties of the blade, Chaos has long since honed his skills over the years. Granted his style has very little defensive elements to it, he can still get the job done if need be. Of course, it does however excel at mass destruction as heavy blows that would be crippling to even the stronger species of the world.


Reincarnation of Chaos - Mortimus is the very essence of Chaos incarnated into physical form. Through such, should he ever sustain enough damage or even be "killed" so to speak, his soul and whatever remains of him would be torn from the realm, and sewn back together within the realm of Chaos. The time this process takes varies, and is impossible to predict, even for Chaos himself. This is also the root of part of his insanity, the constant urge to up heave the world and bring discord always nagging at his mind.

Shadow Manipulation - Just as it sounds, Chaos can control the darkness around him, and even move through it. Be it rising from ones shadow, or pulling it from them as a mental fake out, it has many uses.

Chaos Warp - His most preferred method of travel, Chaos opens a void in the world, leading to the realm of Chaos, which tears an identical void at his destination. The limits of this ability have yet to be reached in terms of him being familiar with the area, or having been there before. The only time it had ever failed, was when he tried to pass to an entirely different realm, which resulted in him going straight through the portal, arriving right where he had left. Screwed with his head a little bit.

Tendrils - An all time favorite of his, the Tendrils of darkness have served him very well in his time as the Chaos Incarnate. Long, stretching whips of shadow can extend from anywhere on his body, their touch having a corrosive effect should he choose, and a strangling grasp that can crush stone with ease. He's been very creative with their use, and has long since learned to torment a captive's mind with them, through drilling them into their very skull.

Chaos Auras - There are three stages of the auras, each obviously having more powerful effects than the last. Very rarely does he ever go beyond the first aura, having only been driven to do so against opponents that could stand on par, or surpass him in such a state.

- Stage 1: Fervor - Chaos' body will being to emit a reddish crimson hue, his eyes giving off a mush stronger glow as well. In this aura, his abilities are increased, including enhanced strength, speed, and the power of his abilities multiplies. This is usual enough to do with more elite foes.

- Stage 2: Blood Fury - The aura about his body with go from crimson, to one of a darkness mantle, making his body appear darker than he actually is. In this stage, his abilities are further enhanced, and his strength is multiplied further. The key difference with this aura, is the exchange of life force. Chaos will gradually do damage to his own core while using this aura, but at the same time, he'll be draining the life force from his opponent with each attack of ability that manages to make decent contact with the target.

-Stage 3: Eclipse of Life - This one is a complete no no. If Chaos is driven to this point, he's playing for keeps. With this one, comes a large increase in his size, making him three times larger, and completely envelopes himself in darkness, while holding a demonic tyrant form. The aura is now fatal to the touch, and has the capability to erode away the very existence of his surroundings. With this form, the price to be paid is pretty much his very life. After the massive destruction this form will cause, it will be draining away his life force, and he will be dragged away to the realm of Chaos once he's been drained. He's never used this form before, and has a mental note to avoid it if at all possible. It's a lose lose scenario. Even if he kills his opponent with it, the cost is a timeout in a realm of insanity for an unknown amount of time.

Demon Gate - Being the rank of demon he is, he can summon and command lesser ones and use them to his disposal, his favorites usually being mages and assassins.

Regeneration - A passive ability that often keeps the blood thirsty psycho from completely bleeding out. With his combat style, it was a given that he needed something to counter act his reckless abandon. It is a powerful regeneration, that can heal minor wounds within seconds, and more serious ones within minutes. Fatal wounds take more time, but often don't have the desired effect due to this. Though in the heat of battle, if you get stabbed in the heart five hundred times, it's a little hard to keep up with that. Chaos can rapidly speed up the regeneration, but it requires a state of calm concentration. So doing so in battle is obviously not going to happen for him. The regrowth of limbs and organs is not impossible either, though once again, it takes some time, and involves a lot of pain. A LOT.

Demonic Skin - The skin of a demon is naturally resilient to the elements and various forms of attack. His is no different in this, other than it is exceptional. Basic weapons do little to wound him in any way. Perhaps a scratch at best. However, he is by no means invulnerable. Due to this, he is more often wearing his trench coats, and relying on his durability. However, in the case of a opponent to not be taken lightly, he will call on more suitable garb.

V. Social

Political Alignment:  Hates politics
Religion: Answers only to the Goddess (If he has to)
Job/Class: Demonic Lord / Swordsman
Family: Deceased
Relationships: Obsidian (Precious creation, shard of himself) The Goddess (Giver of his life, shard of her)

Noted accomplishments: Once had all of the elements under his control
- Famous/infamous: I wonder which

Hobbies: Torture, Causing random cataclysmic events
Pets:  None

- Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)


Shard of the Void - (Massive Broadsword) The Shard is a behemoth of a blade. It is a long, thick length of tempered material that is unknown to most realms in existence. It has a single edge, with broad, exaggerated serrations that look more decorative than practical. This sword is perfect for channeling Chaos' energy, and is effectively used for such. The edge itself is only razor sharp at best, but the real power lies in its crushing ability.


Chaos' armor isn't anything particularly special. Mainly just for looks due to his natural durability. He normally has a demonic smith forge him whatever he desires, and it holds up rather well against most forms of weaponry. Except those damned Luminous weapons.


Amulet of Discord - This particular amulet serves no real purpose to Chaos himself, but can heavily enhance whoever else may be wearing it. Coming in the shape of a chaos star, with a gem centered in the middle, looking to be a hybrid of diamond and onyx, the amulet can grant the wearer a portion of Chaos' power. He's tried having Obsidian wear it, but it has shown to have no effect on her, as seeing she came from him. Rumor has it, that the wearer can also pay a toll in blood to summon Chaos should they dare. He's kept it locked away for years with his tower of Sheol, and has no idea where it may have ended up in this new world.

Properties (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)



- Languages Spoken: English, Enochian
- Literacy: Could write novels if his mind were stable enough for it.

VI. Background/ History  

Mortimus Bartuc. Once a mortal, once a man, once happy with a family. A wife, two sons, and a home all his own. He was a kind man, and often found himself being the center of attention in the town where he stayed. He was leading what one could call a perfect life, but it all felt so simple to him. So...empty in a sense. He longed for something more, something amazing. He got more than he could of ever bargained for.

On the fifth day of the first harvest, he was visited by a demonic entity. The demon offered no name, no reason, but only stated this to Mortimus. "You. You who wishes for power. You who longs for the torrent of never ending excitement. Do you want it?" Mortimus was obviously left dumbfounded. Never had he seen a demon in the flesh, much less one that was pretty much reading his inward desires aloud like a book. He took a moment of pause, before answering with a slow nod. The demon offered a smirk, before holding out his hand, which Mortimus took, giving in to his desires as though he were in some kind of trance.

To this day, his mind is still plagued, still haunted with the images of the aftermath of his birth. His sons, disemboweled and strewn across the living room. His wife, his beloved wife, shredded to tatters and slung all over the walls of his once proud study. The town, burning to the ground with the screams of his once friends, betrayed by his own selfish desires. A constant reminder of what he had paid to gain the power of Chaos.

He's long since grown to accept himself as the demon he is, writhing in satisfaction wherever he find it. Be it pleasures of mingling flesh, or mangling it. Hearing the cries of a desperate life hoping to be spared, the wales of children watching their parents strangled before them. Even with all of that, he is still haunted by the memories of his past. That cozy home, his hopelessly devoted wife, his strong, growing boys. Those tender moments are nothing but fuel for the insanity that drives him to crush the world.

Things change with time, and time is something always by his side. Always counting his moments. What does his new life hold for him? What will it be this time around? One can only guess once he's finally awake.

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