Memories frozen, too soon thawed

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Memories frozen, too soon thawed Empty Memories frozen, too soon thawed

Post by Chaos on Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:33 am

The howling, damning blizzard roared about the icy peaks, bellowing out to any who dared to tread within this realm of unforgiving frost. It was harsh, secluded, hushed from view, and all too well hidden. The raging snow was the only sign of life for miles, the beast of a storm having to have a consciousness all its own with the way it guarded the icy tomb hidden within the peaks. Any that were unfortunate enough to wander here, would feel the true grip of the Winter's Bite. Especially here. Right in this spot. Where one of the most dreaded of memories lay dormant. Silent. Quietly resting along with the very Goddess who dreams of this very world. A hushed presence that could threaten the vary fabric of this realm.

Deep within a valley of the icy spires that warded off all who even may grow curious of what they hid away, was a single, stone wall. It stood roughly at the height of five men, massive it is, but hidden it still was. The sturdy construct was buried into the mountainside, surrounded by stone pillars of equal mass to support the intense weight of the mountain above. The wall itself held a beautiful carved design. A beautiful design of hellish imagination. There was a single figure etched into the thick stone, a tall menacing figure looming over what looked to be a world crumbling, in complete peril, tendrils of flame dancing from the fingertips of the figure, coiling about the destruction.

In all of its beauty, there was clearly a story here. One that almost none would know, and those that would, of course, would be wary of the wall, if not avoid it. Upon its magnificent surface, there was no sign of a door. A seal. And keyhole. Anything at all that could hint that there was anything beyond. If that wasn't indication enough to "Go the hell away" then the massive stone figures that stood outside menacingly would be. They would be easy to miss at first. Mistaken for some of the pillars. Though once one got closer, it was clear they served as sentinels. Made to ward off trespassers, or any that dared to satisfy their curiosity.

Behind that wall, there was very much something. Someone. Someone that should be left to their slumber for all of time and existence. Beyond that two thick slab of enchanted stone, was a long, harrowing staircase. It dove down, deep, deep into the mountain, burrowing to the point that the air above was actually colder than the air down there. At the end, two crystals dimly illuminated the massive steel door that contained a nightmare within. A huge eight pointed arrow adorned the door, each tip pointed in its own direction, showing that it had no direction at all. Before it, floated two, small, glowing orbs. One of a blueish hue, the other more kin to that of a yellow. The two guardians. The two souls that were charged with eternally overseeing "his" slumber.


The two orbs flickered, darting sharply back and forth at the sudden, muffled sound. Their rotation began, forming aligning figure eights, frantic in their movement as they remained focused on the door. Behind it, their worst fear was being realized. This did not bode well. Not for them, nor the Goddess, and especially, the Dream.

Behind the door, a massive altar was in the middle of a pitch black room. Each corner of the altar had enchanted shackles bound to them, drawn tight and snug around the limbs of a shadowed figure. Along those limbs, several metal, rune etched bands curved over it's bulging physique. Two more bands crossed over the figures chest, all of this enchanting metal hoping to serve it's purpose in keeping this monstrosity contained for all time. Time however, was an enemy of all.

She had stirred. One of her nightmares had been set free, and a chain reaction was set into motion. One that could not be stopped, and one that would have the most unsettling of results. When she stirred, so did he. He consciousness released him. Unbound by the endless sleep, he was now waking, and was by no means a morning person.

Again he gasped at the air, his eye lids opening violently, darting from one direction to the next in the dark room, those evil, glowing orbs prying at the darkness, and thirst very, very evident in them. Instantly, he struggled at his bonds, the tight bands and shackles holding true as the runes glowed a soft white, as if telling him to rest easy and go back to sleep. That he wouldn't be going anyway.

Like hell.


His voice roared out, the two orbs before his holding cell shuddering at the clear sound of his booming voice. The walls did so as well, dust and dirt raining down on the two of them a moment before they could hear him clearly struggling at his bonds. Surely he would not break them. He couldn't. The Goddess forged them herself to keep him in check while she slept. Surely...


One of the bands across the demons chest popped loose, the fury in his eyes beginning to give the room a red glow as band after band started to pop off of his form and bounce off the walls of his tomb. One after another, they gave way, until all that were left were his shackles, which were soon being put to the test.

"You know this isn't enough to hold me!!!"

He was right. Had she done this on purpose? Did she want him to come back into the world? He honestly doubted that. Maybe she spread herself too thin. Maybe she didn't have enough power left to seal him in the way she truly wished. Whatever it was, he couldn't care any less. One of the brilliant chains snapped, then another, and another. The final one was no match at all for his rising fury as he tore himself from the altar, roaring out and rattling the very mountains above him. His breath raged, gasping and heavy as his red hues focused forward.

The two orbs went into a frenzy, making designs in the air that were beginning to look more and more like runes. Sure enough, they were casting fortification spells on the door, hoping that it would hold his fury, hold him back. Keep him from escaping into the world. That proved to be a fleeting hope as the door boomed, a massive dent forming in a showing of the efforts of the beast on the other side. The yellow orb shuddered, before the blue took off for the surface, stopping to urge its brethren onward with it. They would have to man the sentinels before it was too late.

Again, his bellowing roar came out, his fist pounding into the door once again. Another dent for his efforts. It should of given way by now. Damnable enchantments. He gritted his teeth in a feral growl before letting loose another, enraged jab at the steel, this time, knocking it completely off its hinges. He let out a satisfied sigh, but knew he wasn't done yet. Cold air rushed into the room, the stagnant air, locked in there for who knows how long mingling the the only mildly less stale wind made him realize his current state.

In the dim light, he could now see the massive door frame, and the stairway leading upward. The cool chill also made him away of his bareness, his flesh naked of all garments, the cool rush of air coiling around his built form. Figures. He wouldn't bury him with any of his wares either. He held out his hand, urging a portal to open. No success. He called for his sword then. Also, no dice. He snarled. She had him suppressed down here. All he had was his demonic strength. It would be enough.

Snarling, he darted up the stairs with alarming speed, going faster and faster in spite of running at such a steep incline. This may have been the fastest he'd ever ran in all of his life. He wanted out. He WOULD get out. No one can contain him. Not even HER. It was coming. The wall of his tomb. The warning sign that told all to just turn back, to stay away from the monster's resting place. He didn't pause, nor did he slow down. He brought up his fist, gritting his teeth, and tore through the two feet of stone like a battering ram with a thunderous boom that could be heard for miles.

He was greeted by the frigid chill of the blizzard raging outside his tomb, the flurry instantly kicking it up a notch the moment he broke free. He panted slightly, his breath visible to him, his naked form crouching in the snow. He smirked slightly, preparing to stand before he was smashed under the weight of a massive, stone fist.

Behind him, the two sentinels had come to life, powered by the two orbs that been watching over him so carefully before. They would not allow him to leave here. At least that's what they hoped. Beneath the first one's first, it shuddered, toppling backwards and bracing against the wall of the mountain from the sudden force. Before the two stone warriors, stood one seriously pissed of demon.

He was glowing red, his aura having kicked on due to pure rage alone. He was not going to be stopped here, especially by a couple of cheap golems. He snarled at them before holding out his hand, red energy crackling in his hand before expanding to the shape of his sword, the Shard of the Void. The huge blade was easily gripped and held in his hand, his eyes fixed on the golems.

"You're annoying."

He dashed forward, and with brisk momentum, removed both of the sentinels from the lower torsos. The two giants toppled, one trying to prop itself up with its arms before its head became wrapped with dark, writhing coils. Within that very moment, the sentinels head was crushed, nearly to dust, and released from his coil. Obviously, that wasn't enough as it continued its attempt to try and right itself.

He'd had enough. Raising his sword again, it began to glow with the reddish hue of his aura before slashing forward, unleashing a hellish wave of his energy, and obliterating the stone soldier. Turning to the other, he wasn't going to give it a chance to further hinder his progress, jumping into the air and tumbling down in a forward somersault, that smashed the stone into manageable stones. Looking down, and making sure to see that they had been stopped, not seeking to being interrupted again, he sighed out loud.

"Tsk. You don't even bleed."

He moved a hand to his torso, digging a nail into his dark flesh until blood spilled from it, the crimson elixir pouring from the wound as he held it open, it slowly beginning to coat his body until he'd fashioned some decent blood armor for himself to wear for now. He'd summon a smith later to fashion him some proper garb, but for now, he had much, much more pressing matters to tend to. His resurrection.

This was a new world to him, he could tell that much. All of it was new. New to him, and he was new to it. It would know soon. All too soon really. The world was not ready for this. His armor parted in the back, his wingspan spreading from it in gory fashion, blood dripping from them as he took off, flapping against the hellish blizzard as he took flight, seeking out the nearest place he could find life. That he could take. He had a craving going on that hadn't been satisfied in what felt like centuries.

Once again, Chaos roamed the realm.

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